My top 5 favorite posts of 2016!

Best Instagram Posts of 2016!

[Seoul] Winter in Seoul 2016 (including ice skating rinks and NYE events)

[Seoul] Christmas Market at Yeouido (through New Year's Eve)

Where to buy Christmas decorations in Seoul: Express Bus Terminal

[Korea] Robot Kimbap - Donkatsu Kimchi Nabe and Dduk Galbi kimbap

[Gangnam Brunch, Seoul] Brotherhood Kitchen - Chicken and Waffles,Chicken and Chili Rice, Hasselback Potatoes

REPOST: Autumn Colors in Kyoto

[CU] New Juices (Orange, Yellow, Green)

[Korea, Jamshil] See the SUPERMOON until tomorrow (October 3)

[Japan Trip 2016 - Kansai] 4 days/3 nights - Kobe, Kyoto, Japan Ititnerary

[Life Update] Chuseok Osaka Trip

[Seoul, Gangnam] Eulmildae 을밀대 - Pyeongyang North Korean Food (Pyeongyang Cold Noodles)

Taiwan Trip Itinerary: 3 nights, 4 days (From Seoul to Taiwan)

Living in Korea Part 4: How to operate air conditioner (Remote + Translations)

[KOREA] Twosome Place Summer 2016 Bingsu Menu - Icebox Cake Bingsu

[Seoul, Insadong] Miss Lee's Cafe (별다방 미스리) - Traditional Korean tea and snacks

[GS25 Korea] Doutor Coffee is now at GS25

I'm going to Taiwan (Taipei) on July 24! (AGAIN!)

[Daily Life/Hobby] Bullet Journal

Korean Shopping: Summer Sales 2016

[Convenience Store] Mojito Bar (Mojito Ice Pop/Popsicle) 모히또바

[Seoul, Sadang] Penny Coffee Roasters

[Seoul] Buddha's Birthday 2016 - Bongeunsa Temple

[GS25] Mayonnaise Pretzels 마요네즈맛 프레첼

[Korea] Swing Chip - Soy sauce chicken flavored potato chips

Spring in Seoul 2016 - A beautiful tunnel of cherry blossoms

[GS25] Coconut Flavor Milk

[Korea] Skim Milk in Korea

Living in Korea: Part 3 - Doing Laundry in Korea - Korean Laundry Machines

[Seoul] February 2016 - MMCA (Samcheongdong) Julian Popp Bit.Flow, Bit.Code, Bit.Fall

Happy (Lunar) New Year 2016!

February 2016: Korea Grand Sale

[Korea] BHC Chicken - Sprinkle Chicken 뿌링클치킨 (Cheese sprinkle)

[Seoul City Hall] Bloom Cafe 피어나래 - Bingsoo Smoothie

Studying abroad in Korea: How to get a phone

Studying abroad in Korea? Packing list (mainly health supplies)

[Korea Shopping] 3M Nexcare Blemish Stickers

[Minnesota, Minneapolis, St. Paul] Brasa Rotisserie on Grand Avenue

[Seoul] D Museum January 2016 "9 Lights in 9 Rooms"

[Seoul, Itaewon] Khao San - Authentic Thai in Itaewon - Thai Food Spicy Prawns and Fried Rice

[Seoul, Korea] Where to Shop: Seoul Shopping Guide 2016

[Seoul, Hongdae] 홍대 조폭 떡볶이 Hongdae Jopok Ddukbokki - Famous rice cakes, soondae, and tempura

[Seoul, SNU, Goshichon, Sillim] Pho 36 St - Vietnamese Noodles

[Seoul, Gyungbokgung] Seochongil Donkatsu (Seochon Pork Cutlet)

Life Abroad: Hulu, Pandora, Netflix while abroad

[Samcheongdong, Seoul] Cook'n Heim - Featured on Running Man - Crazy burger!

[Lotte World Mall] Beesket Juice Bar - 100% Fruit, no added sugar

[Edae, Seoul] Gil Cuisine - Secret brunch spot with ricotta cheese salad and eggs benedict

[Seoul, Hongdae] Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe

[DC, Georgetown] Moby Dick - House of Kabob

[Seoul, Samcheongdong] Onmaul - Fresh Soft Tofu Stew - Homemade Tofu

[Korea, Seoul, Samcheongdong] D'Industry Cafe D-55 - Original Shrimp Burger + Rooftop Seating

2015 Top 9 Instagram Posts

[Korea] Mom's Touch - Cajun Mango Chicken Sandwich

[Boston, Boston Common] Boston Public Garden