[Snack Attack - Korea] Mojito Bar (Mojito Ice Pop/Popsicle) 모히또바

There are now Mojito Bars in Korean convenience stores!

Convenience store ice cream/summer treats in Korea!

These contain no dairy, so they're lactose-free for all of you fellow lactose-intolerant people out there.

I was really craving a popsicle the other day. It is actually quite hard to find one here, which is really disappointing.

This bar is really refreshing.

I was really craving a cool treat and was about to eat an ice cream bar and live with the potential consequences when I found this bar.

They are currently on sale for 2+1 at CU, just so you know.

There is no alcohol in it, if you're worried about that.

The lemon-lime flavor is stronger than that of a Sprite or cider. I, personally, thought the lime flavor was stronger, but maybe that is just me.

My go-to ice cream used to be the 돼지바 (the pig bar), but this is now my new favorite.

What's your favorite cool treat from the convenience store?

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