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Showing posts from January, 2017

[K-Beauty] 3CE StyleNanda Blur Powder Setting Loose Powder

I bought the 3CE Style Nanda Blur Setting Loose Powder at the Duty Free Store at Coex a while ago, but just started using it recently.

[Seoul - Sadang] Bonyeon Yetnal Bulgogi (본연 옛날 불고기)

My friend and I met up for dinner at Bonyeon Yetnal Bulgogi (본연 옛날 불고기) in Sadang.

[Seoul - Ichon] Le Bunmie - disappointing Korean-style Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches

My friend and I met up at Le Bunmie in Ichon (line 4) for some bun mi. She had been eyeing this Vietnamese restaurant for a while, so we had to visit!

[Seoul - Yeoksam] Costco Korea Food Court Pizza, Soup, Smoothie

A major reason most of my friends go to Costco is the food court! It's kind of famous for it's cheap prices and large quantity of food.

[Costco Korea] Kakao Friends Notebook Set

I got a crazy good deal on the cutest Kakao Friends Notebooks at Costco!

[NYC - Greenwich Village] A Salt and Battery Fish and Chips

My friend and I went to A Salt and Battery in Greenwich Village for some authentic fish and chips.

[Snack Attack - Korea] Chicken Nugget Snack 닭다리 너겟

Here's another convenience store post that falls in both the snack and Korean  chicken categories. This time, it's these fried chicken flavored chicken nuggets.

[Snack Attack - Korea] Snoopy Coffee Milk - My Favorite Milk in Korea

GS25 introduced a Snoopy line of milks sometime last year. This one is the coffee milk.

[Seoul - Edae] Cafe Pera - Crepe Cake

Just a short post today about Cafe Pera in Edae (Ewha Women's University) area and their crepe cake.

Announcement: Korea Grand Sale 2017

In looking up some other information, I came across the press release about the 2017 Korea Grand Sale. I have copied and pasted the information the Cheonghwadae Website  directly. All rights go to them. I am merely sharing information. It runs from January 20 until February 28. If you're visiting for Seolnal that's perfect for you! There are additional links at the bottom of the post for more information!

[Seoul - Itaewon] Tom N Toms Black - Banana Milk Latte

I got the banana milk latte from Tom N Toms Black in Itaewon. Banana milk has always been "in" in Korea, but now it's truly IN.

Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea Bags (Olive Young)

It's winter and also winter cold season. I have been fighting off some sort of bug for the past few weeks, so thanks to my friend's reminder I was off to buy some ginger tea at my lunch hour.

[Snack Attack - Korea] GS 25 Bad Farmers Juices

GS 25 just released its own series of juices, in partnership with Bad Farmers. Unlike the CU  juices, I believe this juice has so much added sugar.

[Seoul - Lotte World Mall] Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

My friend and I went to Guylian Chocolate Cafe in Lotte World Mall a while back.

[Korea] Olive Young Hair Care Sale

Informational post again. I just wanted to let you know that Olive Young (CJ brand) is having a HUGE shampoo sale right now.  I am writing this mainly to tell you about the sale, but also to recommend the Aromatica Korean hair care line for hair fall, hair thickening, and scalp care. I also wanted to let you know what the "service" gift is this month at Olive Young.

[Seoul - Jongak] Bongchu Jjimdak (jjimdak stewed soy sauce chicken + cheese dduk)

Bongchu jjimdak is a very good jjimdak chain throughout Korea. I really enjoy adding add-ons like the cheese-filled dduk. Another 2017  chicken post . Read other posts about Bongchu Jjimdak  here!

[Seoul Info] Sincheon Station changed to Jamsilsaenae Station

This is just an informational post! Sincheon Station (line 2) has changed to Jamsilsaenae Station (line 2). The name has changed, everything else is the same.

[Snack Attack - Japan] Royal Milk Tea Powder - Must buy food souvenir in Japan for bubble tea lovers!

Over Chuseok, I went to Japan (Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe Itinerary) and bought a ton of food products that I can't easily find in Korea. One of the products is this instant royal milk tea powder .

[Seoul - Yeoksam] BHC Chicken Premium Tenders (Premium tenders, Cajun fries, baby greens)

This is the second post in the 2017 series about chicken . Welcome to the year of the chicken! This is a visit to BHC . We got something different this time.

[Seoul - Gangnam] Krispy Kreme Snoopy Wreath Doughnut

This is another seasonal post. I missed out on the cute Pokemon doughnuts at Krispy Kreme a few weeks/months ago. For winter/Christmas, Krispy Kreme Korea introduced the Snoopy Wreath doughnut!

[Seoul - Sadang] Sulbing Strawberry Tiramisu Bingsu (Winter seasonal menu)

My friends and I went to Sulbing for bingsu the other day and got a strawberry tiramisu bingsu!

[Seoul - Sadang] Korean McDonald's 2017 Curly Fries Introduction!

Happy Fry-day! Just thought I'd announce this. McDonald's Korea has introduced curly fries for 2017. I'm not sure if it's a limited promotion thing, they were introduced at the same time as the "Prosperity Burger" set.

[Seoul - Gangnam] The Frypan - Korean Fried Chicken + Potato Chips + Beer

Today's post is about The Frypan, this location is in Yeoksam, but there are tons of locations all over Korea. Happy 2017! It's now the year of the chicken, so thought I'd do a series about my favorite chicken places in Korea. 

Jeju in Winter for Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year (Seolnal) 2017: Any tips?

Hello, everyone. My parents are coming to Korea in a few weeks and we will be going to Jeju for Seolnal (Chinese New Year). I have only been to Jeju for a work trip that lasted less than 24 hours, so I was looking for some tips of where to go, what to see, and where to eat. Thanks in advance! PS. So far, I'm doing pretty well with updating a lot in 2017, but I have to dial it back a bit, I think. Going to run out of content soon, maybe. UPDATE: Here is our FINAL Itinerary Travel tips: Buy your SIM card:  Prepaid 4G/LTE Sim Card: Unlimited Data+Voice call+SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days) Get a great view of Seoul:  Discount Seoul City Tour Bus Ticket Great Korean (traditional and modern)  culture and cooking classes . Check out these  great things to do in Jeju! Don't want to rent a car in Jeju? Check out this  Hop On/Off Bus Tour of Jeju Don't want to rent a car in Jeju? Check out this  Taxi Tour Follow me!   Instagram  |  Facebook  | Affiliates:  Trazy - K

[K-Beauty] Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream - Winter skin lifesaver!

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream Has anyone tried this yet? It's a Korean product, but strangely, it's actually cheaper to buy in abroad. So, even if you see it in Korea, please save your 10+ USD and buy it on Amazon (linked here).

[Seoul Info] Public Restrooms Notifications/Postings

I came across this informational post about public restrooms on the Seoul City Facebook page. The information is not available in English, so I realized I should post it here. Do you have any public restroom hints or your own? Any to avoid?