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[NYC - Chinatown] Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food - Very cheap eats; authentic cafeteria style Chinese barbecue meat over rice

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Hello from 2022

Hello from 2022! I have taken a bit of time away from the blog due to getting a bit more into the whole YouTube hobby and some other things in my professional life. I did renew my domain name for this year and I fully intend to blog more. Honestly, the pandemic has been tough. My blog was centered around restaurants and travel and let me just say I was doing a whole lot of no eating outside and no travel for 2020 and most of 2021. I think the first time I ate out at a restaurant in 2021 was my birthday, which is mid-June! Since that time, I've been just working hard at my full-time job, doing a bit of domestic travel for work and a little tiny bit for play. I just need to get back into the swing of things and take time for myself to blog and also do my new hobby of YouTube. I know full well I'll never make money on YouTube or this blog, so it's just a fun creative outlet for my otherwise boring life. The hardest part about getting over the mental hurdle of doing the blog is

[St. Paul, MN] Parlour St. Paul - Famous burger, fried chicken sandwich, and more

Parlour St. Paul is a great choice before or after a Minnesota Wild game.

[Roseville, MN] Tipsy Steer and High Pines Brew Pub

Guest post from my dad about Tipsy Steer in Roseville, MN :)

[Minnesota] Minnesota United Football Club game in the time of COVID at Allianz Field (April 2021 Experience)

What is it like to go to a Minnesota United (Minnesota Loons) game in the 2021 season at Allianz Field? What precautions are they taking? Are they enforcing the restrictions?   Allianz Field is the relatively new Minnesota United Football Club's stadium (Minnesota professional soccer team) and, after resting for the 2020 season (for obvious reasons), it's open again now for fans (at a limited capacity).   (Guest post thanks to my parents. Look forward to one about the Minnesota Twins at Target Field coming soon.)

[Stretch] BOXYCHARM November 2020 Basebox (PR Box) - Honest reviews

Disclaimer: I received this BoxyCharm November 2020 box free as PR in exchange for a post on my Instastory. This post and the YouTube unboxing video are not part of my agreement with BoxyCharm. The opinions here are my own and based on my own experience. I do not accept products for free in exchange for a positive review. Hi all, I have absolutely no idea how I got selected to receive BoxyCharm PR, but I thought that this was a great opportunity for me to try out this service and give my own opinion of the products and service. I will definitely give my honest opinion (as always) because, honestly, I do not care if I continue to get PR in the future because, if you've followed me for a while, you know that I generally buy products I am interested in and pay regular consumer price and have no problem doing so because I am very good at watching the sales. I have been eyeing BoxyCharm, Ipsy, and Allure Beauty Box for the past few years, trying to get a feel for which one would be be

[Stretch] Honest Real Review of FabFitFun Fall 2020 Members Picks Box

This is obviously unsponsored, but just want to be up front about that. I have been using the products for about a month now, so I have some opinions.

[Review] Upton Naturals Thai Curry Noodle Real Meal Kit - Vegan ready meal kit

  The noodles are similar to the refrigerated pre-cooked udon noodles, but the Upton Naturals Thai Curry Noodle kit is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated. Inside the foil packet, you'll find the curry sauce, winged bean, and seitan. The fried onions are in the small vacuum sealed plastic package. Preparation was very easy. I made mine on the stovetop, but you can make it in the microwave, too. I, personally, would recommend making it on the stovetop because the sauce is very liquidy - almost to the point of it being soup. As a result of the sauce texture, I wanted to boil off some of the liquid to make it a bit thicker. The noodles are precooked and they come out in a block. Unlike the ones in the refrigerated packages, these were vacuum sealed, so they were slightly harder (tougher). You should let them soak in the sauce a bit to loosen up before trying to break them apart. If you don't wait, the noodles will break into smaller pieces. The flavor is much better