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Showing posts from February, 2020

[Sokcho] Sora Eomma Twigim - Squid Soondae Sokcho Specialty

[Sokcho] Winter Weekend Trip to Sokcho and Yangyang

[Korea] Paris Baguette - Spicy Chicken Wrap Quick Desk Lunch

[Seoul - Jamshil] Vatos Cali Mexican Food Right By Lotte World

[Seoul - Gangnam] Tomatillo Grill

[Stretch] FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box - NOT Sponsored. Real first impressions.

[Seoul - Sookmyung University] Blind Alley Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

[Korea] Paris Baguette - Strawberry Surprise Cake

[Seoul] Billy Angel and Deux Amis Takeaway

[Seoul - Garosugil] Deux Amis Patisserie Cafe - Salted Caramel Cake

[Seoul - Gyeongbokgung] Coco Blanc - Blue Aesthetic, Seochon Cafe

[Korea] A Twosome Place - Carrot Cake and Strawberry Rare Cheesecake

[Stretch] FabFitFun Starter Box Review - NOT Sponsored. My real first impressions inside.

[Stretch] January 2020 Favorites! - Full of homebody essentials.

[Seoul - Sinchon] Amma - I also had to revisit my go-to dinner spot near Yonsei

[Seoul - Yeoksam] Soonnam Siraegi - Had to Revisit my Comfort Food Spot

[Seoul - Sookmyung Women's University] Saigon Market - Pho

[Seoul - SNU] Bangkok Night Market - Cheap and Delicious Thai Food in Sharosugil

[Seoul - SNU] The Melting Pot - Specialty Burgers in Sharosugil - AVOCADO in Seoul

[Uptown Minneapolis, MN] Lake and Irving - Brunch Time

[Twin Cities, MN] Mojo Monkey Donuts - Winter Specials (Late, Sorry)

[Grand Forks, ND] Ely's Ivy

[NE Minneapolis, MN] Hai Hai - One of the Best New Restaurants in America | Tons of Gluten Free and Vegan Options

[Maple Grove, MN] Portillo's - The Iconic Chicago Dog (and More)