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Showing posts from June, 2018

[NYC - KTown] Grace Street Revisit with Green Tea Bingsu, Bubble Tea, and Rose Milk Tea

Yet another  Grace Street  post, sorry I'm so boring. It's just such a central location, so we tend to meet up there.

[Seoul - Gyeongbokgung] Haejangguk Saramdeul - 해장국 사람들 Very Cheap Eats

We found Haejangguk Saramdeul 해장국 사람들. It had decently high ratings and was SUPER cheap.

[Snack Attack - Canada] Double Dutch Ridgies All Dressed Krinkle Cut

Have you ever tried all dressed potato chips? Whenever I go to a different country, or even just a different grocery store, I always check out the chips section.

[Singapore] Tuk Tuk Cha - Thai Tea (Suntec)

Singapore is hot and humid. I needed a quick pick-me-up refreshing drink. So, I decided to stop off at Tuk Tuk Cha.

[Seoul - Sadang] Twosome Place - Earl Grey Chiffon Cake and Green Tea Latte

I quite like Twosome Place - a Korean cafe chain. It's consistent and the desserts and drinks are tasty.

[NYC - Flatiron] Sugarfish by sushi nozawa - The Nozawa Trust Me

Today is International Sushi Day, so decided to finally write a post about Sugarfish in NYC.

[Singapore] 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay Night Views and Beer

5footway.inn Project Boat Quay hostel review coming your way.

[Singapore] 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay Hostel - Private Twin Room Review

Finally posting the promised review of 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay. We stayed in the private double room.

[Seoul - Gwanghwamun] Hummus Kitchen - Upscale Middle Eastern Food

Today is International Falafel Day, so I thought I'd write about some falafel I had in Seoul at Hummus Kitchen. There are multiple locations, including the original location in Itaewon, one in D Tower ( Power Plant  and  On the Border ), IFC Mall, and one in Coex Mall.

[Snack Attack - Singapore] Pokka Pomegranate Fresh Juice

I was on a pomegranate kick, so when I saw this Pokka Pomegranate Juice for 1.50SGD in FairPrice (Singapore grocery store).

[Singapore] A Noodle Story - Singaporean Ramen, Amoy Street Food Centre

One day, we decided we were going to eat on a budget, so I ended up choosing to go for the "Singapore ramen" at A Noodle Story at the Amoy Street Food Centre (Stall 01-39).

[Seoul - Hongdae] Nuclear Steak 핵스테이크 - Steak, rice, fries, and cola/beer all-in-one!

I finally tried Nuclear Steak 핵스테이크 in Hongdae, which has been around for a couple of years now.