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[Snack Attack - Korea] New Juices at CU (Orange, Yellow, Green)

A couple of weeks ago, CU got on the juice trend and introduced a few of their own.
The good thing about these is that there's no sugar added!

The no sugar added part is the best part! As you probably know, in Korea, juices have SO MUCH ADDED SUGAR.

If you haven't made the mistake of drinking tomato juice in Korea yet, let me warn you. There is sugar added into tomato juice here, too.

I had the orange one. It was pretty good (orange, apple, carrot, and ginger).
I was having a hard time deciding between the three flavors.

The orange one was pretty sweet, but I did get hints of ginger. It was refreshing, not sure if I felt like I was "healthier" after drinking it.

The price was also nice, 2500 KRW and it was only 86 calories (there's a 500 KRW coupon on the CU App). :)

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