[Snack Attack - Korea] Swing Chip - Soy sauce chicken flavored potato chips

These are my FAVORITE chips in Korea! The Swing Chip Soy Sauce Chicken flavor! 스윙칩 간장치킨맛


A new flavor of potato chips was released rather recently (within the past two months).

It's soy sauce-marinated chicken flavor (간장치킨맛).This is seriously my favorite chip flavor in Korea at the moment. 

It really does taste like the real chicken version, but in potato chip form. It's sweet and only a little bit salty. It's also slightly spicy, but not in an overly "nose sweat" spicy way. It's so hard to find potato chips in Korea that aren't overly sweet, much to my dismay since potato chips are basically one of my food groups when I'm home in America. 4PM is chips o'clock to me and Swing Chips Chicken Chips are the chips I look forward to for my Korean work life's chips o'clock.

There's a promotion running right now at GS. 2+1
Otherwise, regular price is 1500 KRW

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    1. I can find them at HMart in the United States, but in Korea they are usually able to be found at all of the various convenience stores and grocery stores. On my most recent trip, however, they were a little hard to come by because they were always on special.


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