[Seoul - Gangnam] Eulmildae 을밀대 - Pyeongyang-style Food (Pyeongyang Cold Noodles)

My friend and I met up after work for some Pyeongyang-style naengmyun in Gangnam at Eulmildae 을밀대  (another location in Mapo).

It is now definite naengmyun (cold noodles - naeng = cold, myun = noodles) season in Korea and it has been for quite some time.

If you want to check out something a little different from your typical naengmyun, I recommend checking out some of the Pyeongyang-style noodle houses around Seoul.

These places sell noodles and flavors that are in the North Korean style.

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South Korean naengmyun is usually very salty and kind of has a pickled/vinegary taste.

North Korean naengmyun is a little different, although still salty, it is not hit your face salty, it's a semi-light combination beef and water radish broth. Hence, there's sometimes even a kind of cucumber-y fresh/light/cool flavor going on. It's a little sweeter than typical South Korean naengmyun.

My friend decided to order the hwae naengmyun. It is topped with some raw fish, the spicy sauce, a couple of strips of beef, and some radish slices.

Menu translations:
The beef used in the menu items is all Korean hanwoo beef, so it is high quality beef, hence the slightly higher prices.

1) Mool naengmyun (11,000) - This is what I ordered. Pictured at the top.
2) Sari (6,000) - This is an additional serving of noodles, so you can only order 2) if you order 1)
3a) Soo yuk dae (60,000) - This is the large (dae) size of the boiled beef. (You typically find soo yuk at all Pyeongyang-style shops)
3b) Soo yuk so (30,000) - This is the small (so) size of boiled beef
4) Nokdujeon (9,000) - This is mung bean pancake
5) Hongeo moochim (50,000) - This is seasoned skate, it's a semi-spicy sort of skate salad. I'll link a picture here I found in a Google image search.
6) Bibim naengmyun (11,000) - Unlike the mool naengmyun, it isn't soupy. Bibim in Korean means to mix, so this naengmyun is topped with spicy sauce made from gochujang (red pepper paste). After you get it, you have to mix the noodles and sauce together. You also get the broth that is used in the mool naengmyun served on the side.
7) Hwae naengmyun (15,000) - This is kind of like the bibim naengmyun, however you also get some raw fish on top, too. 

The final two items are available only in the winter.
8) Hanwoo yangji tang bap (price not listed since summer) - This is a hot soup with hanwoo beef brisket in it. This is usually a clear soup, think of gom tang. I'm not sure what it's like here.
9) Hanwoo Yukgejang (price not listed since summer) - This is a hot soup made with shredded beef, steamed vegetables, and is very flavorful. It's a red soup, however I don't find it too spicy, but it is/can be semi-spicy if you are sensitive.

I do recommend you trying the mool naengmyun! It is what this restaurant is known for, otherwise my friend was happy with his hwae naengmyun. Others around us had the nokdu jeon, which looked pretty good, not too greasy, and the soo yuk. I think in order to properly eat soo yuk, you need more than 2 people in your party.

This is the Gangnam location, the original one is in Mapo-gu.
I'll provide you directions to the Gangnam location.

Gangnam Station: Go out exit 4 and walk straight to the first street. You'll see a sign for Blooming Garden. Take a left and walk straight. You'll get to a office building with a Holly's Coffee and a post office. Go in that building. You'll want to walk to the back of the building and to the left corner.

I forgot to take a picture of the entrance, but there is a large entrance with some wooden signs with Chinese characters.

Address in case you get a little turned around:
강남구 테헤란로4길 46쌍용플래티넘밸류 B-147

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