[Seoul - Apgujeong Rodeo] BHC Chicken - Sprinkle Chicken 뿌링클치킨 (Cheese sprinkle)

A new trend in Korean fried chicken is this sweet cheese sprinkle chicken with a white dipping sauce and my favorite is from BHC Chicken.

My friend and I find bones in our chicken to be too troublesome, so we always opt for the boneless, soonsal option. It's a little more expensive, but for us it's worth it.

The sprinkle cheese breading is super light and sweet, which is kind of a nice change from the more savory, salty typical fried chicken, but it's still crispy.

Each BHC gives you a little different "service" items with your chicken.

The Apgujeong Rodeo store gives you cheese balls and pickled radish, but other stores also give pretzels, salads, or cucumber pickles.

It comes in at just under 20,000KRW.

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