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[Minneapolis - Downtown] Rosa Mexicano - Tableside guacamole, sangria, tacos

Last week, we went to Rosa Mexicano in downtown Minneapolis before a show.

[Seoul - Kondae] Gamaro - Well-being Kimchi Samgyupsal Korean BBQ 가마로 웰빙 삼겹살

Gamaro in the Konguk University (Kondae) restaurant street is a perfect place for you to get Korean barbeque without filling up on only meat and lettuce.

[NYC - Lower East Side] Death and Company (NYC Speakeasy)

A couple of years ago, Death and Company (Death & Co) was on a list of best bars in the United States.

[NYC - Soho] Dominique Ansel Bakery - What to eat when the cronut is sold out

Dominique Ansel Bakery received a ton of publicity a couple of years ago because of its creation, the cronut.

[Seoul - Gangnam] 100억 (100Ok - baek-oak) Cafe - Famous blind date location in Gangnam

I found 100억 (Baek-oak) with my Korean tutor. It is located in Gangnam on café hill. It is quite large, decorated very elegantly and is very quiet.

[Arashiyama Day Trip] Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama (BABY MONKEYS!)

Arashiyama Monkey Park is great! You get to walk around alongside monkeys, including BABY MONKEYS! It is located right by Kyoto , so it is very easy to add to any itinerary.

[NYC - Midtown] Halal Guys - Best chicken over rice in NYC :)

Halal Guys is a legendary food cart in New York City known for its chicken over rice and its very great, central location very near to Rockefeller Center, the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA), and shopping on Fifth Avenue.

[Kobe - Sannomiya] Comme Chinois Bakery - French Bakery in Sannomiya

I read about this great bakery, Comme Chinois, in Sannomiya. I read about it first in my Korean guidebook to Osaka.

[Seoul -Gangnam] Mies Container - "Hooters for women"

I finally got the chance to go to Mies Container with my friend. I had been wanting to try it out for a couple of years and just never got around to it, mainly because I went back to the US for a long time.

[Seoul - Myeongdong] Bongchu Jjimdak in Myeongdong (Korean stewed chicken)

My friend from Germany was visiting me and she also really likes jjimdalk, so we met up in Myungdong (Myeongdong) to have it at Bongchu Jjimdalk.

[Seoul - Edae] Geurida Kkum (Real Strawberry Milk and Mint Chocolate Latte) - 그리다꿈 리얼딸기우유 & 오초라떼

Real Strawberry Milk and Hot Oreo Mint Choco Latte Yum! Geurida Kkum is my FAVORITE stop for creative cafe drinks.

[NYC- Midtown East] Ess-a-Bagel - Iconic NYC Food

I wanted to try Ess-A-Bagel forever.

[Seoul Shopping] Gangnam Express Bus Terminal - Seoul Shopping Wonderland 고속터미널 지하상가

One of my favorite areas to go shopping in Seoul is the Express Bus Terminal (aka Gangnam Bus Terminal).

[Recipe] Day 11: Homemade pomegranate drinking vinegar experiment

Look at how delicious my pomegranate vinegar looks!

[Kobe - Kitano] Sannomiya and Kitano Travel Guide (Christmas Santas)

If you happen to be in Osaka or Kyoto, head over to Kobe for a really cute Christmas Santa display in the Kitano area!

[Seoul - Hongdae] Softree - Soft serve custard with a honeycomb chip

Continuing on with my ice cream wanderings, Softree in Seoul and trying the signature honeycomb chip ice cream.

[NYC - West Village] Dolce Gelato - Spaghetti Gelato

You can find this spaghetti gelato at Dolce Gelato in West Village. This is the most unique gelato I have eaten.

[Seoul - Anam] Terre de glace - organic, natural ice cream shop

I found this cute little ice cream shop in Anam, near Korea University. Terre de glace makes its own ice cream from fresh, organic ingredients.

[NYC - Midtown] Grom - Italian Gelato and Sorbet near Central Park

Some days, I crave gelato. I really enjoy Grom in Columbus Circle, Manhattan. Grom is in a really convenient location to Central Park.

[Seoul - Subway/Bus] Free WiFi Tutorial! How to use FREE_U+ Zone on Seoul Subways

If you're traveling in Seoul on the subway, you will notice that everyone is on their phone. You can use the free U+ WiFi zone, too, on Seoul subways. 

[Recipe] Pomegranate Hongcho (Drinking Vinegar): Day 1

I am kind of obsessed with hongcho (Korean drinking vinegar) . Ask any of my friends, they will tell you about how I always consume it and try and get them to try it. Have you ever tried hongcho ?

[DC - Capitol Hill] We the Pizza - Pizza by the slice

When I'm in DC, one of my favorite places to grab a slice is We the Pizza. It is located in Capitol Hill, right next to Good Stuff Eatery.

[Seoul - Express Bus Terminal] Tong Keun Gamjatang Jokbal (Pork Bone Soup)

It may seem a little strange, but my favorite place to eat gamjatang (Korean pork bone soup) is at the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul.

[NYC - NYU] Kopi Kopi NYC - Indonesian Cafe

Kopi Kopi is a great cafe located near NYU! It is an Indonesian café, selling Indonesian food items, pastries, and beverages.