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[Snack Attack - America] Hell or High Watermelon 21th Amendment Brewery - Wheat Beer

21st Amendment Brewery released a watermelon beer for this summer, so I had to check it out before summer ended.

REPOST: Kansai/Osaka Itineraries (2 options)

I'm reposting a couple of itineraries from my previous trips to Osaka/Kansai. Check out my other posts about previous trips to  Japan  and  Osaka  and  Kyoto  and my time living in  Kobe .

[NYC - Upper West Side] Maison Pickle - NYC Brunch and cocktails

Maison Pickle is a great place to try out for brunch in New York City.

[NYC, K-Town] Her Name is Han - Instagrammable hip, trendy, modern Korean food and cocktails

I have been meaning to visit Her Name is Han for a month or so now because I've been seeing it all over Instagram.

REPOST: Singapore itinerary: Seoul to Singapore

REPOST: Just in time for Chuseok. Sometimes I need a break from Seoul, this was one of those times. Even though Singapore is another huge city, it was a great change of pace! I was in Singapore from 27 March to 31 March.

[Seoul - Myeongdong] Ranju Kalmyeon - Fresh knife cut noodles, Chinese food

Ranju Kalmyeon (란주칼면) is one of my favorite places to eat in Myeongdong.

[Snack Attack - Korea] Lotte Okdongja Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar 옥동자

옥동자 Okdongja Cookies and Cream ice cream bar is made by Lotte and can be found at convenience stores like GS25, CU, 7Eleven, and also grocery stores like Lotte Mart.

REPOST: Taiwan/Taipei Itinerary

REPOST: Chuseok Itinerary for Taiwan/Taipei :) We had a 3 nights, 4 days "free tour" package from a Korean travel agency. Airline: Jeju Air Hotel: Go Sleep Hotel Hankou (near Ximen station)

[DC - Foggy Bottom] Beefsteak - Made-to-order vegan/vegetarian Chef José Andrés

In DC, we had to check out Chef   José Andrés' Beefsteak, a new fast casual vegan/vegetarian spot for lunch one day.

[Seoul - Yangjae] Coffeeplant - Flaky, fluffy croissants and in-house roasted coffee beans

Coffeeplant is a cute, industrial modern-style coffee shop near Yangjae station, slightly off the beaten path.

[Snack Attack Korea] Oh! Gamja Chicken Flavor - Sweet and Spicy Chicken (오!감자 양념치킨맛)

Have you tried the sweet and spicy yangnyum chicken flavor of Oh Gamja?!

[NYC - Madison Square Eats] Mr. Bing and Renegade Vice Parlour

The 2017 Mad. Sq. Eats Fall Market will run from September 2 until September 29. My friends and I stopped by and checked out a few of the offerings.

[Washington, DC] Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken - Maple Bacon and PB&J Doughnut

Today's post is about Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken in Washington, DC.

[Seoul - Yeoksam] Paris Baguette - Morning breakfast deal

Today's post is about the Paris Baguette Morning Set deal.

[NYC - Chelsea] La Newyorkina - Mexican Ice Pops on the High Line

I know it's an unconventional snack attack Saturday, but it's forecast to be a beautiful NYC Saturday, so I just wanted to let you know about La Newyorkina on the High Line!

[NYC - Harlem] Silvana - Middle Eastern Food, Cozy Atmosphere

I found Silvana a few years ago because I needed a cute cafe to study and work in near Columbia.