[Seoul - Samcheongdong] Onmaul - Fresh Soft Tofu Stew - Homemade Tofu

Onmaul (온마을) in Samcheongdong makes its own tofu in house!

One of my favorite Korean foods is soondubu (soft tofu). I highly recommend checking out this restaurant next time you're in the area. It's pretty traditional in an area known for very Westernized cafes and brunch restaurants, which all have their time and place.

Once you've walked the entirety of Samcheongdong, you see this restaurant! It had a makeover rather recently.

I first came to this restaurant more than 5 years ago, so the fact that it has stayed in business for that long says something about its quality and popularity.

It's mainly frequented by Koreans. I haven't seen many, if any, tourists in there on my multiple trips.

That being said, the menu is in Korean.
One time when I brought my American friends, the owner did provide a picture menu, so no worries.

The menu is so cute!

I usually get the 비지찌개 7000KRW.
I am going to try and describe it, but I have decided that you should trust me and try it...because the description is not going to do it justice.

This is "peasant stew." Back in the olden days, this is the type of stew that peasants ate. It is made from the leftover dregs of tofu after the rest has been made into soymilk or tofu.

It also has pieces of pork in it and some bone broth.

I totally recommend it! I especially recommend it on a rainy or cold day.
It's just the right balance of flavors and not too heavy, nor to light.

The restaurant also has noodle dishes, casseroles, and Korean pancakes.

It's prices are relatively stable over the years.

One thing to keep in mind. If you want the spicy pork or the soondubu jjigae, you have to order at least 2 portions of it.

That is another reason I recommend the bijijjigae. You can get individual portions, so you can order something like a seafood pancake haemul pajeon and still experience the fresh tofu.

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