[Korea Shopping] Where to buy Christmas decorations in Seoul

Where to buy Christmas decorations in Seoul?

A big question around Christmas from my international friends is where to buy Christmas decorations.
It's actually getting to be much easier to buy decorations these days than even a couple of years ago.

The "hot spots" are Express Bus Terminal and Namdaemoon. Both have large Christmas shopping areas. Since I live south of the river, Namdaemun is kind of a trek, so I'll post here about Express Bus Terminal.

I apologize for the late post. I thought this was posted weeks ago, but I guess it got saved as a draft instead.

Other places include stores like: Butter, Modern Home, and even Daiso.

There is a larger Christmas shopping area on level 3 of the Express Bus Terminal, but it is kind of difficult to explain how to get there (I also don't have pictures of it).

The following pictures are from the underground shopping area.
All can be found as you walk toward exit 8-2.

The first picture is at the large stationery store located within the station.
This is more for like office/small one-room type situations. Small tinsel decorations and banners.
It's also a good place to stop for Christmas/New Year's greeting cards.

It might be a fun place to get cards for your friends and family back home if you want to send them things with "Korean writing" on it for the novelty aspect.

The remaining two pictures are just a sample of the multitude of Christmas stores located in the underground shopping area..

To find this area, after you get to exit 8-2 and enter the shopping area, follow signs to Banpo Station.
This side of the shopping area is usually filled with plants and flower shops, but for Christmas, they transform into Christmas stores.

As is the case down in the underground shopping area, each store sells seemingly the same items...and often at different prices as their neighbor.

You can buy big size artificial trees, Christmas ornaments, snowman and other winter-themed items.
This year, the trend appears to be yarn ball ornaments and woodland creatures.

Even if you're not really in the market for Christmas trees, it's fun to just take a look around.

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