[Seoul - Hongdae] Thanks Nature - It's a Sheep Cafe!

Last year was the year of the sheep, which meant Thanks Nature in Hongdae got a lot of press!

It has been around a few years. It's an organic cafe right off a main street in Hongdae, which happens to have two sheep.

I have been here a few times. The first time, I was a little worried it was going to smell like sheep, but luckily the sheep aren't located IN the cafe. There is a little holding area for the sheep right outside the cafe.

We got a couple of ades. These were very refreshing and were made from real fruit.
If you haven't had an "ade" yet in Korea, it's "cider" (think Sprite/lemon line soda) with some fruit juice.

I was/am obsessed with grapefruit, so I definitely ordered the grapefruit ade. This was a pretty reasonably priced one and was pretty flavorful, too!

We also ordered the waffles, which were also pretty good. Honestly, I wasn't that hungry, but it was a good snack to tide us over until our dinner appointment.

Some important information:
1. The bathroom is located outside the cafe and you need to remember to take the key and the toilet paper with you. I try to never use public restrooms located outside restaurants/cafes...so I can't comment on the cleanliness.
2. There's wifi! the password is apple.
3. Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM
Now, what you've been waiting for...the cute sheep!

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