[Seoul - City Hall] Bloom Cafe 피어나래 - Bingsoo Smoothie

I stopped into Bloom for a bingsu smoothie, but it is also pretty popular for espresso-based beverages, pancakes, and bubble teas.

Finding non-chain cafes near main roads at City Hall Station in Seoul is actually pretty tricky.
I stumbled upon this cafe, which is quite easy to find, by accident one day.

The prices are actually quite okay here, by that I mean the price of an americano is less than 4500KRW. 

My smoothie was 4500KRW, which is pretty comparable to the price of smoothies in other parts of the city that don't have such high real estate prices.

As you can see, this is kind of "old-style" bingsu, with cornflakes on top.
The pat (sweetened red beans) are blended into the very rich/savory, but yet still sweet smoothie.

I'm not very good at volume measurements, but I'm pretty sure this is about 20 ounces of bingsu, which is kind of too much for one time.

Apart from the unique bingsu smoothie, they have other pretty unique drinks, too, on a rotating schedule.

I recommend checking it out! Its location is perfect if you're finishing up a tour of Deoksugung Palace and want to hit up a coffee shop other than Cafe Pascucci, Dunkin Doughnuts, or Starbucks.

The menu isn't in English, but I think the store workers should speak some English.
I saw some international tourists come in and order pretty unique drinks (not just relying on the trusty Americano or cafe latte) in the time I was there with no Korean.

There are seats for about 30 and a pretty peaceful atmosphere.

Walk straight out of Exit 7 of City Hall Station.
Cross the street at the big crosswalk. It will be the third or fourth shop to your left, by the Saemaeul Shikdang (meat restaurant) and a Western bar (55Ave Hof).

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