Hello everyone,
I'm Meredith. I currently live in New York City after returning to the United States from living and working in Seoul, South Korea for a few years.

My passion for food has grown from living in some of the food capitals of the world - New York, Seoul, Kobe, and Osaka - and visiting many of the other food centers of the universe - Singapore, Taipei, various cities in South Korea, and other cities in Japan.

I started this blog in 2013 because I wanted to share what I was eating with my friends and family back home in America. I was also living in Korea and Japan before they became large tourist destinations, so I wanted to provide English translations of menus for my readers.

It has grown since then and I have been trying to be diligent in continuing to update with new food, restaurants, museums, etc. I encounter in my life.

If you have tips, just send us a message (eatstretchexplore@gmail.com) or write a comment!

Also, if you just want to give us some feedback and suggestions about how to improve, feel free to either email us or leave a comment or tag us on Instagram @eatstretchexplore.

The opinions in this blog our unbiased opinions of experiences we have had, food we've tasted, and products we've tried.

I want to show you the real experience. I don't like overediting my pictures or setting up my food to "look pretty" like you might see all over Instagram.

Where I've lived:
Minneapolis, Minnesota --> Washington, DC --> Seoul, South Korea --> New York City, NY --> Seoul, South Korea --> Osaka/Kobe, Japan --> New York City, NY --> Minnesota --> Seoul, South Korea --> New York City, NY --> ???