[Seoul Travel] Buddha's Birthday 2016 - Bongeunsa Temple

Yesterday was Buddha's birthday, so my friends and I went to Bongeunsa Temple, near Samseong Station, across the street from Coex for the celebrations.

Whenever I've gone to temple for the celebrations, I've gone to a much smaller one, so this was definitely a new experience.

It really reminded me a lot of the atmosphere at Japanese temples during the hatsumode (new year) celebrations. There are food and merchandise vendors set up at the entrance of the temple.

Bongeunsa is one of the more famous temples in Seoul for tourists, Jongyesa being the other really popular temple among tourists.

One of the more impressive things during this time of year are all of the lanterns. You can give a donation to write your name and wish on a piece of paper and they will hang it on a lantern for you.

Bongeunsa is located right in the middle of the city, surrounded by the fast-paced Gangnam lifestyle and skyscrapers, but yet it is so peaceful.
As you can see, it's right by the Intercontinental Hotel at Coex. Bongeunsa is located across the street from Coex Convention Center/Coex Mall. So, it's in a perfect location if you are attending a convention or doing business or staying in Gangnam (south of the river).

Samsung Station (line 2) - Go out exit 6 and walk straight until the first big street. Then, turn left. You'll come across Bongeunsa Station (line 9) on your walk, too.

Free admittance.
They also have a temple stay program you can check out!

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