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[NYC - Soho] Soft Swerve - Soft serve ice cream (purple sweet potato and lychee)

Soft Swerve in Soho is one of the go-to shops for unique flavors and toppings, including this ube (purple yam) treat.

[Seoul - SNU] Kim Seonsaeng - Premium kimbap and mandu 바르다 김선생

This is one of my favorite premium  kimbap  places - Kim Seonsaeng, or how my Norwegian friend and I refer to it, KIM TEACHER. Its full name is 바르다 김선생. It's a national chain, so you should be able to find it other places.

[DC - Foggy Bottom] Tonic At Quigley's

The former Quigley’s Pharmacy in the George Washington University (GWU) neighborhood is home to Tonic at Quigley’s.

[Seoul - Yeoksam] Cafe Arriate - Flower cafe

I just wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite flower cafes in Seoul! It's called Arriate (아리아떼). Arriate is a great work and study cafe, too.

[Snack Attack - Korea] Calbee Jagabee Potato Sticks Wasabi

I got Calbee Jagabee wasabi potato sticks at Daiso!

[Twin Cities - Minneapolis] Izzy's Ice Cream - Perfect treat

On my recent trip back to Minnesota, I had to check out Izzy's, even though it was below freezing.

[Seoul - Gangnam] Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon is a milk tea store that originated in Taiwan. There are a few stores scattered throughout Korea. I went to the Gangnam location. UPDATE 5/13/2018: UPON TRIP TO SEOUL, SAW THAT GANGNAM LOCATION HAS CLOSED.

[NYC - Harlem] Red Rooster - Soul Brunch - Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Red Rooster in Harlem is famous for fried chicken (yardbird).

[Seoul - Kondae] Gaemijip 개미집 - spicy octopus stirfry

Gaemijip 개미집 is a famous eating/drinking spot among Konguk University students. It serves one thing and one thing only - spicy octopus stirfry.

[Beauty] Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

All my friends in America were raving about how great the  Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water , but it wasn't available in Korea, so I had to wait to get back to America to try it.

[DC - Downtownl] Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers is a farm to table restaurant with four locations in the greater DC area. It is owned by almost 5,000 farmers across the country, who supply the restaurants. Founding Farmers 1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20006 Sorry about the lack of pictures...I would hand-draw some, but...yeah..stick figures eating cornbread and burgers are probably not the best.