[Seoul - Yeouido] Christmas Market at Yeouido (through New Year's Eve)

On Christmas Day, my friend and I went to the Christmas Market at Yeouido. It's located out exit 2 of Yeouinaru station (Line 5) 
2016 dates: 21 December - 31 December
Weekdays 17:00-22:30
Weekends: 15:00-21:00

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I had pretty low expectations. As a result of my low expectation, it did meet my expectations and I was not disappointed.

Don't expect a European-style market or even a Christmas market like the one I went to in Osaka or Kobe's Luminarie

It would maybe have been nice to go on a weekday afternoon to get some Christmas shopping done.

In the main tent/enclosure area, there are handmade crafts, including jewelry, handsewn items, candles, and plants (like dried flowers, cacti/succulents, etc).

The prices were pretty okay. It was just so crowded and I didn't really need to buy anything. I was tempted by some rings, though. A majority of the jewelry was handmade using silver.

There are about 15 food trucks on each side side of the tents, maybe about 30-35 food trucks total.
Expect long lines.

We ended up getting the Thai food (pad thai since they were sold out of the soup). It was actually pretty good, again low expectations because it's a food truck in Korea.

There were a lot of trucks selling steaks (with varying prices and amounts of vegetables). By far, the most popular truck was the truck selling french fries and sausages. In terms of food quality, it didn't look that good, but I think the customers were in it for the Instagram. That "visual" concept.

It's strange to me that after copying the idea of a Christmas market, there were no trucks selling mulled wine or hot cider. One truck did sell hot sangria, but that sounded kind of gross, to be completely honest.

Has anyone else been here? Any thoughts?
I think my opinion was skewed because of my poor decision of going on Christmas Day AND a weekend day.

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