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[Japan - Chuseok Itinerary] 4 days/3 nights - Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Japan Ititnerary

Last week, I went on a quick last-minute trip to Kansai from Korea for the Chuseok holiday (Korean thanksgiving, Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival).

[Life Update] Chuseok Osaka Trip

Hello all! I am so sorry! I fail so much at keeping this blog updated! I have so many posts in the "draft" section of the blog, you have no idea. It's just a matter of having the time/energy to sit down and really write that eludes me. I have a bunch of great restaurants I just checked out, too. Such a pity! As you might know, it's currently chuseok (추석), which is kind of like Korean thanksgiving, I guess. It's also known as harvest festival in the Chinese calendar. This year, it luckily falls on a Wednesday, so we have a super extended weekend. Wednesday through Sunday off. I decided last minute to go to Osaka for the weekend. This is about time for me to update my  Japan  knowledge...I haven't been back since I moved away in January 2014~! My current plan is to go to Kobe right away tomorrow morning and then go to Osaka in the evening to meet up with my Japanese friend. Then we will go around in Osaka one day and then Kyoto one day and then I'