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[St. Paul - Grand Ave] Brasa Rotisserie on Grand Avenue

I went back to Minnesota for the holidays and met up with my friend at one of my favorite places to eat, Brasa Rotisserie on Grand Avenue.

As a student at the University of Minnesota, I used to go to the location in Northeast Minneapolis rather frequently.
Both are great.

So, number one it was probably the coldest day, ever. I wasn't quite ready for Minnesota winter...because I had been reading about how El Nino was keeping it seasonably warm. Well, this day was like -35 degrees Celsius, brrr.

We both decided we wanted something hearty to eat.
We decided to share the large shredded beef plate ($19.95), with black beans and yellow rice. For some reason, though they got our order wrong and we got the red beans and rice instead, which was fine because we were trying to decide between red or black beans anyway and they were delicious.

I also really like the crispy yucca fries ($2.95 for a small), so we definitely ordered those. PLUS, it comes with Brasa's super delicious green sauce. Whatever you do, try and order something with green sauce!

My friend also got the corn bread ($1.95).

I have had the pulled chicken and the catfish before and recommend both of those, too.
My friend said the pork was kind of dry when she had it, but it was a catering order, so maybe it isn't dry when you order it in-house.

My favorite thing about the menu is that it's kind of meant to share family style.
They have changed up their menu a bit since I first started eating there, adding bowls and sandwiches. My guess is it's because of the Minnesotan-style of eating?

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