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[Seoul - Sillim] Twosome Place Summer 2016 Bingsu Menu - Icebox Cake Bingsu

Twosome Place released a new bingsu for 2016 - their icebox cake bingsu.

Twosome Place Tiramisu Bingsu
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It's now bingsu season 2016! AKA, this is my favorite season because it's socially acceptable to eat bingsu multiple times per week.

If you're unfamiliar with bingsu, it's a Korean dessert made from shaved ice. There are different varieties and the bingsu mania has really evolved since I first lived in Korea almost 7 years ago.

This one is kind of a "premium" bingsu because it's from Twosome.
I am not sure what the price is because I honestly didn't pay attention. My friend gave me a gift certificate for the bingsu and an americano for my birthday. I think it rang up as 12,000 total, but I could be mistaken.

So, this bingsu is made from shaved frozen milk, which, honestly, is my favorite type. Nothing is worse than when it's ice and it melts and it's just like you're drinking weird water.

My friend and I could barely finish this and we were both hungry, so this is a perfect size for 2 ambitious eaters, but could easily satisfy 3 or 4 people who were trying to just satiate their snack cravings in between meals.

What I liked is that they also gave you the condensed milk so you can pour it on yourself. That way, you can control how much you put on and make sure it gets evenly distributed.

As you can see, we got a TON of cookies and a corner piece of cake. So, that may have contributed to how full we got. After perusing Instagram, I think we were lucky? Others, while their bingsu was definitely more photogenic, did not get quite the quantity we got.

The icebox cake was honestly a little confusing at first, again we got the corner and my side was the corner of the corner. At first, I was just eating only the cream frosting. I was so confused...I thought it was just frozen cream.

After I got through the frosting, I could finally see the cake. It is a semi-sweet chocolate cake with a layer of ice cream in the middle, covered with a cookies and cream frosting.

So, word from the wise, if you get a corner, start eating a little from the middle of the slice. Because, together with the shaved milk ice, cookie, and condensed milk, it really is possible to have a perfect bite.

Oh, they aren't Oreos. They are the Orion sandwich cookies. That means, they are a little less sweet, which is kind of preferable because the bingsu itself is pretty sweet.

All TWOSOME PLACE Locations around Korea.

This particular one was near Sillim Station (Line 2), exit 7, next to the Seoga and Cook.
There's actually another location at Sillim Station, out exit 2, but I like the exit 7 location better. There are some cute rooms off to the side that you can snag if you're lucky.

Otherwise, the exit 2 location is a 2-story location which makes it easier to find a chair, but maybe makes it louder.

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