[NYC - Midtown] Riko Peruvian Cuisine

[NYC - East Village] Spot Dessert Bar Revisit

[NYC - East Village] Spot Dessert Bar

[NYC - East Village] Tim Ho Wan - Michelin Star Dim Sum

[NYC - Union Square Park] Tsurutontan Udon

[NYC - Midtown] Totto Ramen - Still one of my favorite ramen spots

[NYC - UWS] Sushi Yasaka - Sushi before Lincoln Center

[NYC - Times Square] Nippori Japanese Ramen and Izakaya

[NYC - Greenwich Village] Saigon Shack - Pho and Banh Mi CASH ONLY

[NYC - NoMad] Atoboy - Michelin Guide Modern Korean Cuisine

[NYC - Midtown] Izakaya MEW - Omusoba, Kimchi Cream Udon, and Sushi

[NYC - Ktown] Pelicana Chicken - Best Korean Fried Chicken in NYC

[NYC - UWS] Maison Pickle - OMG The Pull-Apart Bread and the French Dip and the Mac and Cheese

[NYC - UWS] Jacob's Pickles - Dinner with Chicken and Biscuits

[NYC - East Village] PaTea - Bubble Tea. Meet Stubby

[NYC - Hamilton Heights] The Handpulled Noodle - Delivery to Harlem and Washington Heights

[NYC - Chinatown] Joe's Shanghai - Famous Soup Dumplings and More

[NYC - Chinatown] Sweet Moment - Cup Bingsu, Cute Latte Art, and More

[NYC - Chinatown] Sweet Moment - Adorable Cream Character Latte Art