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[NYC - Midtown] The Halal Guys Review with Updated Prices - THE ORIGINAL Chicken Over Rice and Combo Gyro and Chicken Over Rice

The Halal Guys is often on every person's list of places they MUST TRY!

[Snack Attack - Korea] Sokcho Red Snow Crab Cup Noodles Review

When I saw this unique flavor of cup noodles at CU, I knew I had to try it because it sounded "fancy." It's Sokcho Red Snow Crab Cup Noodle.

[NYC - Chinatown] Jing Fong - Dim Sum Review

So, I knew of Jing Fong first as "the dim sum place in Chinatown with the huge escalator." If your friend have mentioned the huge escalator to you, this is the right place.

[NYC - KTown] Grace Street AGAIN - Mango Madness Bingsu Review

Yet another time at Grace Street. See all my other posts here .

[NYC - FiDi] Adrienne's Pizzabar Review - Delicious Square Old Fashioned Style Pizza

Adrienne's Pizzabar is quite popular with the after work crowd for its (relatively) cheap beer and delicious, high-quality pizzas.

[NYC] Shopping at The Met Gift Shop - 2019 Calendars, Holiday Cards, Gift Guide, etc.

Here are a few unique gifts and holiday sets I found at The Met gift shop for all you last minute shoppers out there! (Also, to people who do New Year's gifts or send out gifts after the holiday rush). If you can't get to The Met in person, you can shop for everything on the website: (Including 10% off coupon sent to your email; also on Ebates (use my personal referral code to get $10 bonus cash back for your first order)

[Canada Souvenir] Hudson's Bay Canada Mittens

These mittens are from Hudson's Bay in Ottawa. They are knit and fleece-lined. The lining makes them very warm, which is nice.

[Jeju Souvenir] Jeju Exclusive Alcohol including Hallasan Soju and Jeju Makgeolli

I've been trying to write more posts to help you choose some gifts/souvenirs of the food/drink variety. So, I realized I had never published this post about the Jeju-specific alcohol that I recommend. (See my previous post here:  Jeju Soju )

[NYC - East Village] Zen 6 x Trash Panda - Fusion Japanese Small Plates and Noodles Review

I recently checked out Zen 6, which is now under new ownership, after Nick invited me to visit. ( Zen6 Instagram here )

[Seoul - Gwangjang Market] Soonhee's Bindaeddeok 순희네빈대떡 - Vegetable pancakes! Gwangjang Market Food Tour

I had to revisit Soonhee's Bindaeddeok! This time, I didn't go to the sit-down restaurant. Instead, we just went to the food stall, so it's slightly different, I promise. Here is my other post . Book a Gwangjang Market Tour!  - Eating your way through the market is always better in a group.

[Busan] P & O Gallery Cafe - For some post-sunrise trail hike refreshments

Busan P&O Gallery Cafe is the perfect post-hike cafe for anyone else who was woefully unprepared for the sunrise trail hike along the Busan coast. Book your Korean-Style Fried Chicken & Jjajangmyeon Cooking Class + Market Tour in Busan Book a 2 day, 1 night trip to Busan from Seoul (includes RT train tickets and hotel room)

[Seoul - Myeongdong] Chir Chir Fried Chicken (치르치르)

Chir Chir Fried Chicken is a relatively small chain in Seoul (I'm not sure about the rest of Korea).

[Snack Attack - Korea] Iseul Tok Tok - Soju Soda

I think I have written about the OG peach flavor of Iseul Tok Tok, but I don't think I've written about the pineapple flavor!

[Korea - Gwangju] Gungjeon Bakery - 궁전제과 BEST Bakery in Gwangju - Famous for Butterfly Pies and Dinosaur Eggs

The Gungjeon Bakery (궁전제과) in Gwangju is a bread wonderland in South Jeolla Province (Jeollanam-do). It was established in 1973, which probably makes it one of the oldest European-style bakeries in the region (if not in the whole of Korea).

[Busan - Gimhae] Haein Jeonbok 해인전복 - Fresh Abalone in Busan

If you're on a trip to Busan or Gimhae, maybe for a 1-2 day trip from Seoul or to see the  Gimhae and Busan's fabled cherry blossoms , definitely add Haein Jeonbok (Haein Abalone) to your itinerary.

[Seoul - Myeongdong] Ranju Kalmyeon Knife-cut Noodles - Maybe the best jjajangmyun in Seoul! Definitely the FRESHEST jjajangmyeon in Korea

So, I'm going to post some posts about the restaurant reviews and tourist things I did on my trip to Seoul. Sorry it took me so long! This is a revisit to Ranju Kalmyun 란주칼면 (fresh knife-cut noodles), 1+ years later to see if it is still good. Original visit post here: My original visit also included a rice dish and also kkanpunggi (sweet and sour chicken). 

[DC - Foggy Boddom] The George Washington University Museum & The Textile Museum Gift Guide

One of the best museum gift stores in DC is the The George Washington University Museum & The Textile Museum Shop (GWTM).

[NYC - UES] Two Little Red Hens Bakery - Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Cake Review

We tried Two Little Red Hens. This is a review of the Brooklyn Blackout cake.

[NYC - Lower East Side] Supermoon Bakehouse Review - Super Blood Moon Donut, Cruffins, Filled Croissants, and HOLOGRAPHIC Box

One of the "hot" bakeries in New York City is Supermoon Bakehouse.

[Snack Attack - Korea] Orion - Nuneul Gamja Potato Stick Review - Buy at Daiso

As I wrote in my previous review , Orion Nuneul Gamja are my FAVORITE potato snacks to keep in my purse.