[Seoul - Itaewon] Khao San - Authentic Thai in Itaewon - Thai Food Spicy Prawns and Fried Rice

My friend and I decided to check out Khao San in Itaewon for some Thai food.

My friend had just returned from a trip to Thailand and noted how this restaurant is pretty authentic (compared with other Thai restaurants that cater to Korean tastes).

We ended up ordering the spicy prawns and fried rice.

Compared to our expectations, the prawns were not that spicy. The waiter even warned us that this is "Thai spicy" not "Korean spicy," so we were bracing ourselves.

That being said the shrimp were very flavorful and cooked to perfection.

The shrimp are served on some rice vermicelli noodles.

We also ordered some fried rice.
It was just take it or leave it. Not really mind-blowing, but what is a meal in Korea without rice?

The interior is very sparsely decorated.
There are seats for about 30.

A very popular menu item that everyone else ordered was the fried chicken.
Not going to lie, I definitely had some major food envy. Next time, I'll definitely try the fried chicken.

From Itaewon Station (line 6) exit 4, walk straight down the hill to the first road. Turn right. Then walk straight towards the second road, right before the CU. Turn left and walk straight a little down the hill.
Khao San will be on the second floor, so look up.

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