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[Minnesota - Stillwater] Lift Bridge Brewing Company - Craft brewery

Lift Bridge Brewing Company is in Stillwater, Minnesota. Yet another stop in the craft brewery tour of Minnesota.

[Jeju Travel] Hallabong Omegi Dduk / Omaegi rice cake 몰랑몰랑 한라봉 오메기떡

Apparently, according to one of my former coworkers, one of the souvenirs you have to get in Jeju is omegi dduk (오메기떡). His wife sent him on a mission to bring it back with him. Travel tips: Buy your SIM card:  Prepaid 4G/LTE Sim Card: Unlimited Data+Voice call+SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days) Check out these  great things to do in Jeju! Don't want to rent a car in Jeju? Check out this Hop On/Off Bus Tour of Jeju Don't want to rent a car in Jeju? Check out this  Taxi Tour Check out these great affordable Jeju tour packages from Trazy [AFFILIATE LINK]

[Snack Attack - Korea] GS25 Banana Latte

Have you tried the Banana Latte beverage from GS25?