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Showing posts from November, 2018

[NYC - Midtown] Bibble And Sip - Bibble Quiche, Lavender Latte Breakfast Review

Everyone knows about Bibble & Sip for the wonderful cream puffs (review here) , but it's it's a completely underrated place for a quick breakfast bite to eat!

[NYC - Midtown] Totto Ramen Review. Yet another revisit - Pork Buns, Mega Paitan, and Chicken Paitan

As you probably know by now, Totto Ramen has been my go-to ramen shop in New York City for a while now. So, yet another visit was due.

[NYC - Soho] Project Cozy - Mojito Coffee (as close to Philz as you can get in NYC) Review

Did you know you can get a mojito coffee at Project Cozy in Soho? My LA friends all say this is very close to Philz coffee's flavor's definitely as close as you'll get to Philz in New York City.

[NYC - Chelsea Market] Very Fresh Noodles - Chinese handpulled knife-cut noodles review

Chelsea Market has a wide variety of food options. One of the options is Very Fresh Noodles, which serves up Chinese hand pulled, knife-cut noodles.

[NYC - Soho] NoMo Kitchen - Most aesthetic brunch spot in New York City! Instagram ready experience!

The best brunch spot for Instagram pictures I've been to in a while is NoMo Kitchen. Girls' brunch review follows.

[NYC - Washington Heights] Tampopo Ramen NYC - Lunch Specials

Tampopo Ramen is one of the only (if not, THE ONLY) places to get ramen in Upper Manhattan/Washington Heights.

[NYC - West Village] Kopi Kopi NYC - Es Alpukat (Avocado Espresso Smoothie)

Revisited Kopi Kopi  NYC in West Village after many years to get my beloved Es Alpukat.

[NYC - UWS] Thanksgiving Dinner at The Smith - Review

There are still a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. If you're headed to New York City, perhaps to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (or not), there were still a few spots left at The Smith for your Thanksgiving dinner.

[NYC - Chinatown] Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food - Very cheap eats; authentic cafeteria style Chinese barbecue meat over rice

Even in Chinatown, Wah Fung #1 Fast Food is definitely worth a wait for its $4 lunch boxes! 

[NYC - Soho] Purl Soho - Destination for Yarn and Crafts Enthusiasts

There are a handful of yarn shops throughout the city. One of the poshest ones is Purl Soho, which is located in Soho.

[NYC - UWS] Jacob's Pickles - Brunch review, so much cheese, so much food = 20 pounds of leftovers

Hello American readers, I hope you have all voted or plan to vote later in the mid-term election! Your vote counts! Jacob's Pickles is one of the places I make sure to bring guests. It's the original restaurant in the Pickles group. (My previous post about the sister restaurant - Maison Pickle )

[NYC - Murray Hill] Momosan Ramen and Sake - Definitely get Tan Tan Noodles!

Momosan Ramen and Sake in Murray Hill is Iron Chef Morimoto's ramen spot.