[Seoul - Sadang] Penny Coffee Roasters

My friend and I met up for dinner and then checked out Penny Coffee Roasters afterwards.

I recently moved to a new neighborhood/area in Seoul.

I had been meaning to check out this cafe for a while. I saw it one of the first times I went to Sadang, but I just never had a chance to visit it.
They roast their own beans, which is pretty cool, and also have training courses for how to roast beans yourself and also how to prepare/brew coffee.
It was a little late, so I couldn't handle coffee (I'm a grandma and any coffee after 4PM means I can't sleep until 4AM).

I had originally wanted the specialty drink, but it was sold out that day. Note to self, check out the place again earlier in the day.

So, I ended up getting the grapefruit tea. They make their own grapefruit tea concentrate in-house. So, that's pretty nice. My friend got the homemade hot chocolate.

There are two floors of the coffee shop. The first floor has a room off to the side of the cashier stand. It has a large counter and is where they hold the coffee classes. I believe you can also reserve the room for a meeting.

There are also some tables out front now that the weather is nice...too bad the view is less than ideal. You look out out to the wonderful view of the convenience store, which, by a certain time of night (or semi-early in the morning...as in when I go to work at 6:30), means you are watching drunk ajeosshis enjoying soju and makkeolli by the bottle.

The second floor is really homey and cute. It's rustic and really does seem like home. There are some couches to sit at and chat with friends.

There's probably seats for about 25-30 people. It depends on how many people can sit on the couch.
Because of the small amount of seats, it keeps the noise level manageable. But, the seating quarters are a bit cramped. So, you kind of find yourself in the middle of the conversation at the table less than an arm's length away.

The prices are kind of steep and the portions are semi-small. But, it is a nice non-franchise coffee shop, so that is the price to pay, I guess.

There is also a stamp card/reward system if you're a coupon-holic like me.

I am torn about whether or not to go back. It really is a nice cafe, but I am on a small government agency/local salary right now, so I am not sure how often I can afford to visit.

Sadang (line 2/4) exit 7. Walk straight from the exit. You'll pass a small park/waiting area. Keep walking straight to the second street. You'll see a staircase by the piano hagwon and at the bottom of the staircase you'll see Penny Coffee Roasters. It's really easy to find :)

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