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[Seoul - Gangnam] Shall We? - Tart cafe in Gangnam

Shall We? Yes, we shall. Shall We is a tart cafe in Gangnam.

[Seoul, Gangnam] Julio - "Mexican" Food in Seoul

Lunch Set: Chicken Burrito with Fries (6,900KRW) One day after meeting my Korean tutor, I decided to wander around Gangnam before meeting my friend. I found this "Mexican" food restaurant called Julio.

[Seoul - Cheongnyangni] School Food - Korean Street Food Chain

School Food is a Korean chain restaurant serving up Korean food that reminds Koreans of childhood.

[Seoul - City Hall/Gwanghwamun] Shipwon-jip - Green Onion Bulgogi + Steamed Egg

Shipwonjip 십원집 is a well-established restaurant (more than 49 years in operation) known for its charcoal briquette-fired meats and is conveniently located in central Seoul.

[England - York] Patisserie Valerie - Cafe and Pastry Shop

Patisserie Valerie is a chain pastry/sweet shop. There are about 80 in the United Kingdom. I went to the one in York.

[England - York] Chloes of York - Tea Room

Chloes of York was the first tea room I have ever been to. It was also the first place I went to eat in the city centre. It is a family run tea shop. I didn't have any of the baked goods but they looked pretty good and were reasonably priced. I had a ham sandwich with coleslaw and crisps, all of which came from Yorkshire. I also had a pot of tea. The whole meal was around 6 GBP (roughly 9.50 USD). The tea was just an afternoon blend but they had a few other options. It is fresh brewed for each person and is 2 GBP for a small pot, which is about two medium cups. The sandwich was good, as were the crisps and coleslaw. The best part was that all of the food was fresh and local. Here's the website: Chloes is pretty easy to get to. It is located on Colliergate between St. Saviourgate and St. Andrewgate. York directions tip: anything with "gate" in it is a street and anything with "bar" in it is a gate (in the Roman walls).

[Seoul - Sincheon] Saemaul Shikdang (새마을식당) - Korean bbq

I typically try to not eat that much Korean barbeque or meat, but some just have to partake in it. A good option, in my opinion, is 새마을식당 (Saemaul shikdang).

[Seoul - Sinchon] Loving Hut. Delicious Vegan Food + Rose Lemonade.

Top: Vegan jajjangmyum Bottom left: kongnamulbap (bean sprout rice) Bottom Right: Vegan tangsuyuk (Sweet and sour "pork"), jangmi lemonade (rose lemonade) Loving Hut is my go-to place for vegan food in Sinchon.