[Seoul - Edae] Gil Cuisine - Secret brunch spot with ricotta cheese salad and eggs Benedict

Gil Cuisine is a cute little brunch spot in Edae. It's kind of tucked away, so you kind of need to be "in the know."

I first visited about five years ago, so it's great this non-chain place has been supported by its customers even after the constant increase in rent prices in Seoul.

They had the ricotta cheese salad down before it became the trendy "it" food. They make their own ricotta in house. Unlike at Cafe Mamas (which I also like, don't get me wrong), they add some other extras to the salad AND it's made with real greens. There are grapes, dried cranberries, and walnuts. The bread is also their own. However, I do like Cafe Mamas' bread better than Gil Cuisine's.

What is brunch with out eggs Benedict? Not really brunch at all.
However, this wasn't a TRUE Benedict. Instead of English muffins, they use their house bread instead.

The sides are super yummy, though. My friend and I especially liked the potato salad.
The egg was perfectly poached and the hollandaise was also pretty good.
The salmon was a bit of a miss. I have previously had the one with Canadian bacon/ham and that one was much better, in terms of protein.

The interior is SUPER cute.

Water is self-serve. They do have wifi, too. :)

Sorry, the menu picture was a bit of a fail.

From Edae Station (line 2), go out exit 2. Walk straight to the Olive Young.
Turn left and walk straight until you get to the clothing store "Bestro". Walk straight, just a little bit further and turn left at the alleyway, just before you get to the "Boss" shop. There should be a shabu shabu/hot pot store right at the entry to the alleyway.
Walk all the way to the back of the alley and you'll be there!

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