[Seoul - Insadong] Miss Lee's Cafe (별다방 미스리) - Traditional Korean tea and snacks

If you find yourself in Insadong, I highly recommend stopping by Miss Lee's Cafe. It's one of the best people watching spots in Insadong.

It was made famous by the Korean variety show called "We Got Married" back in 2009 or 2010.

It serves up traditional Korean teas, traditional Korean snacks, dosirak (lunch boxes), and bingsu.

It's located right at the beginning of the Insadong street if you're coming from Anguk station and is located on the second floor.

You'll see a convenience store on the main floor. Look up and you'll see Miss Lee.
This location also makes it a PERFECT people watching location.

The menu (below) is available in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Interestingly, this is the only menu page that is not available in a language other than Korean. This page lets you know that if each member of your party orders an item, you are eligible for a free refill on the same visit.

This visit, my friend and I opted for just some hot traditional teas. I got the honey jujube tea (kkyul daechu cha) (6500 KRW) and my friend got lemon tea (6500 KRW).
Another nice thing is that when you go to the cafe, they also give you traditional Korean tea snacks. Like the puffy rice puff and honey twists.

I didn't take a picture because I forgot that it's a key feature of this cafe, but a key decor point is the handwritten paper notes that guests leave all over the cafe. You can request a piece of paper and then hang it on the walls and the tree in the middle.

On previous occasions, I have also had the bingsus and dosirak. I highly recommend those, too. :)

If your friend is able to order on Korean websites, you can probably save money on your visit. I bought a 10,000KRW gift certificate on Coupang (kind of like Korean Groupon) for 6,000KRW. So, if you are able to order in Korean, I recommend you check out Coupong or Timon before ordering!

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