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[Seoul - Sinchon] Amma - Indian Food, Lunch Set

Whenever I go back to Seoul, I make a point to go to Amma. This is my favorite Indian restaurant...period. I discovered it in 2010 while I studying at Yonsei University.

[NYC - East Village] Hummus Place

My co-worker in Korea and I talked about how great Hummus Place is. So, in honor of her, I went to eat there with my friend.

[NYC - Manhattan Valley] Saiguette - Vietnamese banh mi, pho, bubble tea

I was really craving a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) one day and could not venture all the way to Chinatown to eat one. Luckily, my friend knew of Saiguette and recommended it to me.

[NYC - Upper West Side] Alice's Tea Cup - Perfect for Brunch and Afternoon Tea

My friend introduced me to Alice's Tea Cup for brunch and afternoon tea.

[Suwon] Suwon Galbi Story 수원갈비스토리 왕갈비탕

I had the opportunity to eat at Suwon Galbi Story, a restaurant famous for its galbi-tang (beef short rib soup).

[Suwon INFO] Korean Traditional Music Concert

I am posting this for a friend: My unni plays gayageum , a traditional stringed Korean instrument. She is holding a concert with some of her colleagues next month. Enjoy traditional Korean music in the traditional way. Experience a night of music and entertainment fit for royalty. Only 20 tickets available. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. To buy tickets, call or message 010 3491 2250. Tickets cost 20,000원. If you buy two or more 15,000원. Where: 경기도 수원시 팔달구 화서동 344-65 When: Friday, November 21 at 8pm. No need to worry about directions, someone will meet you at the subway station! Just get yourself to Hwaseo Station (Line 1) and then contact 010-3491-2250! The performance is gayageum sanjo , forest and folk song. After the performance you will have the chance to try playing traditional Korean instruments. This is a great opportunity for you! You shouldn't miss it! While you are in Suwon, check out Suwon Galbi Story for dinner! http://ea

[Kobe - Sannomiya] Chao Sai Gon - Vietnamese Food in MINT Kobe

We went to Chao Sai Gon in MINT Kobe at Sannomiya station for dinner.

[NYC - Chinatown] Mango Mango Dessert

I had really been missing Asian desserts for some time. One day when I got turned around in Chinatown, I found Mango Mango Dessert and grabbed a menu. My friend and I went back the next week and had some delicious, cheap mango desserts.

[NYC - Morningside Heights] Yasha Ramen

Yasha's Chicken Ramen ($11) So, I really like ramen . Sometimes, it's too troublesome to get to Totto Ramen in Midtown and I don't really feel like waiting at Jin Ramen in Harlem. I was really excited when I saw that there was a relatively new ramen shop in Morningside.

[NYC - West Village] Popbar - Custom ice cream bars and fruit bars

Popbar is a chain with locations around the world.

[NYC - Chinatown] 12 Corners Cafe - Latte Art

I stumbled upon 12 Corners one day.

[NYC - Chinatown] Best Pork Chop House/Taiwan Pork Chop House - Cheap eats

I had been hearing about the Best Pork Chop House for a while and managed to get there one day with a friend while doing the whole " eat your way through Chinatown " tour. It is pretty popular and is well-known for its pork chops over rice and it's very cheap prices.

[NYC - Chelsea] Doughnut Plant - Tres Leches Doughnuts!

In New York City? Gotta try the doughnuts from Doughnut Plant in Chelsea so you can take a picture in front of the donut wall. 

[NYC - Nolita] Tacombi Nolita - Tacos

If you're in the Nolita area, perhaps pre- or post-SoHo shopping, check out Tacombi for some tacos.

[Seoul - Gangnam] Twosome Place - Tiramisu Bingsu 티라미수빙수

Twosome Place is one of those basic cafes in Korea. There is not very much special about the café in terms of beverages, but they sell pretty good desserts like tarts, etc.

[Seoul - Cheognyangni] Halmoni Naengmyun - Beyond Spicy Naengmyun

My coworkers and I went to Cheongnyangni Halmoni Naengmyun one day for lunch.

[NYC, Morningside Heights] Kitchenette (Brunch)

Kitchenette is a breakfast and brunch spot near Columbia University.

[Seoul - Gangnam] Hong Kong Banjum0410 (Cheap Chinese Food) 홍콩반점

Hong Kong Banjeom 홍콩반점 is a pretty well-known cheap eats Chinese food chain in Korea.

[Seoul - Gangnam] Paris Croissant - Royal Milk Tea Bingsu

I'm sure all of you have heard of Paris Baguette. There is one on every street in Korea. But, have you heard of Paris Croissant?