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Jeonju Free Foreigner Shuttle Bus: Update #2

So, finally went on the free foreigner shuttle bus. This is my experience, but it may differ depending on the day. Well, it will definitely differ depending on the day you travel. Some of what happened was definitely...UNIQUE, or I should hope it is unique. Shuttle Update 1 Shuttle Announcement UPDATE: It appears that this free shuttle is no longer available and is now replaced with a 20,000 KRW bus instead. If you are interested, please check out the great tour packages available through a different site (linked below).

[Busan] Compose Coffee: Take-out Culture

I traveled to Busan this past weekend for the long weekend. While I was there, I was introduced to Compose Coffee by my friend. It's apparently a chain in the south, I have yet to see a location in Seoul.

[Gwangju] Nippong Naeppong (니뽕 내뽕) - Fusion jjamppong

A few years ago Nippong Naeppong, a fusion jjamppong and pizza restaurant, opened in my neighborhood, I was living in Gwangjin-gu in Seoul. Now it's a major chain and still going strong.

[Seoul - Sillim] Alchon - Cheap, delicious rice bowls

So, I'm back living in a student area again. Which means, I have quick access to cheap eats like Alchon!