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Best Instagram Posts of 2016!

If you haven't followed Eat.Stretch.Explore on Instagram yet, please consider doing so now! 2016 was a crazy year for me! Living in Seoul, while working in Gangwon-do for half of the year (explains the lack of posts, sorry guys, the commutes were killer). Took a few international trips. US in January, Taiwan in July (sorry, those posts will come eventually), and Japan for Chuseok in September (sorry again ._.)

[Seoul] Winter in Seoul 2016 (including ice skating rinks and NYE events)

The first real snow of the season came last night. It had snowed a little before, but it never stayed. I guess it's time to write a list of places to do some winter activities in Seoul.

[Seoul - Yeouido] Christmas Market at Yeouido (through New Year's Eve)

On Christmas Day, my friend and I went to the Christmas Market at Yeouido. It's located out exit 2 of Yeouinaru station (Line 5)  2016 dates: 21 December - 31 December Hours: Weekdays 17:00-22:30 Weekends: 15:00-21:00 Wanna share some pictures or tips? Any questions or requests? Email us at eatstretchexplore (at) gmail dot com.

[Korea Shopping] Where to buy Christmas decorations in Seoul

Where to buy Christmas decorations in Seoul?