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[NYC - Chinatown] The Little One - Kakigori - Yummy summertime treat!

The Little One in Chinatown is SO great! The kakigori (Japanese shaved ice treat) is SO authentic, unlike the other kakigori place that's all over Instagram.

[Korea] Life in Korea - What to do with the gift certificates you receive (온누리상품권 Edition)

Do your employers also give you bonuses in the form of 온누리상품권 (onnuri gift certificates)?

[Minneapolis - Target Field] Hrbek's - Signature Bloody Marys

It's Bloody Mary day at the Minnesota Twins game! This time, I checked out the Bloody Mary at Hrbek's!

[NYC - Chinatown] Mango Mango - Asian Fruit Desserts

We revisited Mango Mango, one of my favorite places for Asian desserts in New York City.

[Seoul - Gwangjang Market] Hani-ne Food Stall

So, let me start off with an apology, the pictures are out of focus, but I was kind of stressed out by the time the food arrived. Also, due to my experience here, I would probably not to out of my way to recommend this stall. But, just so you can get a glimpse of what's available, I will add this review here. Book a Gwangjang Market Tour

[Snack Attack - Korea] Orion Banana Choco Pie

I tried the Orion Banana Choco Pie with marshmallow cream on my most recent trip to Korea. Buy them here (but extremely overpriced): Amazon

[Minneapolis - Target Field] Pizza Luce at Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

Did you know that Pizza Luce has a location in Target Field? You can enjoy your pizza while watching the Minnesota Twins game. (Full menu picture to below)

[DC - Union Market] B Doughnut Malasadas and Doughnuts including Everything Bagel Doughnut

We had to visit B. Dougnuts in DC. It's also located in Union Market, like Salt & Sundry from last Friday's post.

[Seoul - Gwangjang Market] Changshin Yookhoe/Yukhoe - Korean seasoned steak tartare (option to add sannakji)

I visited Changshin Yukhoe (창신육회) in Seoul's Gwangjang Market. Gwangjang Market (광장시장) is suddenly becoming a "MUST VISIT" place among tourists, but I've been going here for years. Book a Gwangjang Market Tour

[Snack Attack - Taiwan] Kenji Crispy Gaufrette

I was given these Kenji Crispy Gaufrette cookies by a friend who had returned to Seoul from a trip to Taiwan.

[DC - Union Market] Salt & Sundry (and Little Leaf)

Salt & Sundry is a cute gift shop in Union Market in DC.

[DC - Woodley Park] Duke's Counter - Cozy brunch spot right by the zoo!

We stopped off at Duke's Counter for brunch after a morning at the National Zoo. It's an offshoot to the ultra-famous Duke's Grocery.

[NYC] Daily Show with Trevor Noah - How to get tickets to THE DAILY SHOW, taping experiences

I recently went to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah after getting free tickets. As you can see on the ticket I went last week, so this is actually a relatively timely post! I'm getting better at this posting thing. I was lucky enough to attend a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2014, too.

[Seoul - Gangnam] Robot Kimbap - Premium Kimbap and other Korean fast food

I revisited Robot Kimbap, one of my favorite premium kimbap spots, on my recent trip to Korea.

[K-Beauty] Missha Super Aqua Pore Kling Cleansing Foam

This is the Super Aqua Pore-Kling pore minimizing cleansing foam from Missha. Buy Missha Products on YESSTYLE *Affiliate Link* Stock up on Missha Products on Amazon *Affiliate Link*

[Snack Attack - Korea] Nongshim Beef and Wasabi Flavor Potato Chips

Nongshim has come out with a NEW FLAVOR of potato chips - beef and wasabi.

Back to School 2018: Asian School Supplies!

I actually wish I was going back to school this year. It's an excuse to buy stationery and other fun desk accessories. I decided to do some online window shopping to make a wish list of the cutest Asian school supplies. You can get an extra 10% off if you spend more than 49USD. Just use the code EX2018BTS All pictures below were taken from the linked posts in YesStyle. I am an affiliate of YesStyle. If you click through the links in the post, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.

[DC - Navy Yard] Washington Nationals Ballpark Food - Crab Cakes, Ben's Chili Bowl, Country-style biscuits, and more!

Did you know that the Washington Nationals Ballpark has some of the punniest names for their food vendors? Leave a comment below if you have been to a ballpark with more punny names than this one.

[Minnesota - Clearwater] Nelson Bros Ginormous Caramel Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls

If you're ever in Minnesota, make sure you stop by the Clearwater exit off I-94 to stop at Nelson Bros.

[Korea] It's a HEAT WAVE! Where to stay cool and avoid paying crazy electricity fees

It's another scorcher today! Stay hydrated everyone! If you are feeling sick or lightheaded, make sure to reduce your activity and increase your water intake. I also recommend putting some bottles of water in the freezer and using the frozen bottles to put around your neck.