[Busan] Mom's Touch - Cajun Mango Chicken Sandwich

When my friends visit me in Korea, oftentimes they have Mom's Touch on their list of "must try" places. I, honestly, had never tried it until this year.

Mom's Touch is a fast food chicken sandwich chain found throughout Korea. The menu is a little confusing the first time you go in...there are so many combinations and price points available. I guess that's like any other fast food place.

You order at the counter and then get an order number buzzer.

Then, go pick up your order at the counter.

I opted for the Cajun Mango Fried Chicken Breast sandwich with fries. This was a pretty solid sandwich, fried really well and really flavorful. The ingredients all seemed pretty fresh.

It really was chicken breast, all white meat...no sneaky other parts. The sauce was on the bottom, which was a little strange. The lettuce was crunchy, as was the pepper and the tomatoes were not overly ripe or under ripe - the pepper was nice and crunch and the tomatoes were not, which is a plus, and the tomatoes were also not too mushy.

The sandwich was a little greasy, though...as to be expected for a fried chicken sandwich. Oh and it also came out PIPING HOT. We may or may not have burned our mouths a little with the first bite.

My friend and I later decided we wanted some fries, so we went back and added an order of fries. All in all, I think the sandwich and fries cost about 5500KRW.

I would not hesitate to go back the next time someone visits.

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