[Seoul - Sadang] Korean McDonald's 2017 Curly Fries Introduction!

Happy Fry-day!
Just thought I'd announce this.

McDonald's Korea has introduced curly fries for 2017.
I'm not sure if it's a limited promotion thing, they were introduced at the same time as the "Prosperity Burger" set.

There are two sizes available: Medium and Large.
I got the medium for 1,400 KRW, I believe, and I think the Large was 1,900 KRW.
I also got a medium Fanta for 1,500 KRW.
Just trying to do the math of my bill, it was 2,900 KRW total, so the breakdown must be correct.

The curly fries were so worth the calories. Sadly, though, there were not that many in the container. I am not sure if that's the usual serving portion, or if the young worker was just new. (She was new, but I don't think she actually allotted the fries herself.)

They were seasoned well and fried crispy.
I've been craving Arby's fries for a while and this is a good enough substitute for the time being.

Now, taking bets on how long it is before Lotteria also begins selling curly fries.

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