[K-Beauty] Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream - Winter skin lifesaver!

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream

Has anyone tried this yet?
It's a Korean product, but strangely, it's actually cheaper to buy in abroad.
So, even if you see it in Korea, please save your 10+ USD and buy it on Amazon (linked here).

If you're stuck in Korea like me, you can buy it at any Olive Young, Watsons, or Lohbs, etc.
However, it's a much better deal if you have a friend that is going out of the country and can pick it up for you at the airport or a duty free store.

Duty free stores are the only place you can buy 75 mL tubes. All the other stores sell only the 50 mL tubes.

In the stores, it's almost always 45,000 and coupons do not apply to the product.
If you're lucky, they may throw in a face mask add-on or something, but most recently I saw that the add-on item at Olive Young are fabric patch pins, so yeah, not that useful.

Anyway, Korean offices blow hot air constantly in the winter, thanks to no central heating. Unfortunately, that means my face was getting really, really dry.
At first, I couldn't justify the price tag, but after countless friends and online reviewers strongly recommended the product, I finally did it and purchased my first tube.

After using the product only 3 days, my face was noticeably less dry. I'd also like to note, this was during the driest week outside.

Now, my face is back to it's summer moisture level. I actually don't even have to use it every day anymore, just when I can feel my skin becoming dry again do I apply it.

During the first three days, I was using it twice. Once in the morning before my makeup and then once at night before bed.

It comes in a metal tube, which means you get one of those old-timey key things to roll the tube as you use up the product.

In my opinion, this was definitely worth the spend.

I will try the Missha brand next time it's on sale to see if it's just the ceramidin component that is helping my skin, or if it's truly the Dr. Jart part.

Also, note that this comes in an entire line of products. I've only tried the face cream. There's also lotion, face masks, face wash, etc.

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