[Seoul - Jongak] Bongchu Jjimdak (jjimdak stewed soy sauce chicken + cheese dduk)

Bongchu jjimdak is a very good jjimdak chain throughout Korea. I really enjoy adding add-ons like the cheese-filled dduk.

Another 2017 chicken post. Read other posts about Bongchu Jjimdak here!

My friends and I went to Bongchu Jjimdak (봉추찜닭) at Jongak for dinner.
Jjimdak is one of my favorite Korean foods. It's chicken stewed in a sweet and spicy soy sauce sauce.

Bongchu is not my #1 favorite jjimdak restaurant, but it's a pretty good/safe choice. There are locations all around and the flavors are pretty consistent from location to location.

This time, we added the "new" dduk add-on. It's called 치즈알떡 (cheese al dduk). "Al" refers to its shape, which is that of an egg. On the inside of the dduk is some white cheese...you know, the Korea "pizza cheese" that they put on everything these days. We added it for an additional 2000 KRW.

The waiter made sure to tell us it was "spicy," but it's not that spicy, there are definitely spicier jjimdak places.

This particular one had a lot more vegetables and potatoes than I usually get a Bongchu. Maybe there was a potato sale or something. Or, maybe more likely, we got less chicken (by volume) because of the avian flu outbreak.

We got the medium size (for 3 people) for 32,000 KRW and 2 gongi-bap (side rice) for 1000 KRW each. The rice is nice if you want to eat some of the sauce, but I don't really eat white rice because of empty calories, so I usually skip it, but every once in a while, it's nice to have the sauce.

In total, we paid 37,000 KRW.

Jongak Station (exit 4), located right behind the Bosingak Bellfry.

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