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[Seoul - Yeoksam] Costco Korea Food Court Pizza, Soup, Smoothie

A major reason most of my friends go to Costco is the food court! It's kind of famous for it's cheap prices and large quantity of food.

To be completely honest, I joined Costco because I needed a source of potato chips.

I usually get a slice of pizza, each slice is 2,500 KRW. It is probably bigger than my head and I probably shouldn't eat the whole thing.

There are 4 flavors - cheese, pepperoni, and combination (what I usually get). They also just introduced a fourth flavor in January - chicken and tomato. I have yet to try that, though.

The pizza is quite bread-y though. As you see in the picture, you can eat it there, or take it to go. You can also buy an entire pie for 12,500 KRW.

My friend got a cream of potato soup (2500 KRW) and my other friend go a combo pizza and a blueberry smoothie (I think 2,500 KRW).

Next time I will definitely get a bulgogi bake. My friend can attest that I really wanted one that day, but I couldn't say no to the pizza. It's 3,700 KRW. (I'll also take a picture of the menu the next time I go there.

One thing you will notice is that Koreans grab an extra plate to make their own "banchan." Costco has minced onions available for the hot dog sets (2,000 KRW for a refillable soda + hot dog). Koreans will grab an extra plate at the pick up window and then fill it with the minced onion and then cover the minced onions with ketchup and mustard.

My Korean friend and I tried it one day just because we felt the peer pressure. It was kind of, okay, really gross. Maybe we got it on a bad day, but we both were like...these onions taste a little...iffy. To us, it kind of tasted like they had been washing the kitchen with a dirty wash cloth and then cut the onions on the wet countertop. It was not pleasant.

However, we both are environmental health/public health professionals, so we are always a little leery about Korean kitchen cleanliness. But, just eat at your own risk, as is always the case.

The one annoying thing is that Costco in Korea is CASH ONLY (unless you have a Samsung card) and you have to go with someone with a membership.

I got a membership recently. It's 38,000 KRW for the year.
Honestly, I got it for the vegetables and the potato chips. A lot of the other stuff is not really that great of a deal if you don't have a huge freezer. And I definitely do not have a huge freezer.

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