[K-Beauty] 3CE StyleNanda Blur Powder Setting Loose Powder

I bought the 3CE Style Nanda Blur Setting Loose Powder at the Duty Free Store at Coex a while ago, but just started using it recently.

Also, I'm trying out this whole product review thing. Is it useful to you? You can find all of them by clicking the "Product Review" link at thebottom of this post or on the left :)

I just really wanted a loose powder to help me with my shiny face problems. (I haven't gotten into the shiny face trend in Korea yet).

The fact that this was a blur powder to help blur out my blemishes was just a happy coincidence.

The powder is REALLY fine. Just as a warning when you first open the container.

I like the packaging, it's really simple, so it's strange to mention it. I just really like that font.

One thing I don't really care for about this powder is that it's scented. It smells like really chemically baby powder. It's something to note if you have sensitive skin.

Overall, this product is good at its "blur" function. My skin does look a lot better in mirrors and in pictures, etc.

It's a nice and light translucent product. However, it is possible to put a little too much on at one time and it can show up kind of blotchy.

My skin:

I have been breaking out in the week since I started using the product, but I am not sure if it's a function of the powder itself or because of the combination of really bad pollution (last week was in the "RED ZONE" for unhealthy PM2.5 concentration more days than not), work stress, and other environmental factors like the bad Seoul water.

I am on vacation this week because of Chinese New Year (Seol) and will also be going to Jeju for half of the week, yay better water. So, hopefully hotel water filters and relaxation and Jeju will be a good "control" environment (yeah, I know it's not really a control...cuz I'm a scientist and all, but it's the closest I can get) and continue to use the product and see if it's the environment vs. the product that's making me break out.

I will update this post with the results!


I prefer loose powders to pressed powders. However, it's very hard to find loose powder in Korea, especially at road shops. (I used to buy the loose powder at Skinfood, but I haven't been able to find it in a long time, maybe I will continue looking over this vacation and update you guys.)

However, I kind of prefer the Innisfree powder. I have the green container no sebum loose powder (I also bought it at Duty Free - 2 pots for $10 USD) and have previously used the pressed blur powder compact, which I also really like to just keep in my bag so I can touch up my shiny face throughout the day.

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