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[Seoul - Yeoksam] BHC Chicken Premium Tenders (Premium tenders, Cajun fries, baby greens)

This is the second post in the 2017 series about chicken. Welcome to the year of the chicken!
This is a visit to BHC. We got something different this time.

Much to the dismay of my friend, we did not get the Sprinkle Chicken this time, instead we got this set menu. I had just eaten the Sprinkle Chicken at work, so I was not really able to eat it again so soon.

We got the Premium Tenders meal. It was far too much food for two people.
The premium tenders were really hot (temperature-wise, not spice level) and were perfectly fried and extremely crispy.

The Cajun fries were also great, I love crunchy fries. They were seasoned fries, very crispy and fried on the outside, but still soft on the inside.

This meal also came with a baby greens salad, topped with Craisins.

For the sauce, we had to choose between honey lemon and apple yogurt sauce. We chose the honey lemon sauce even though this definitely looks like apple yogurt. It was fine, but the greens were slightly gritty, but in Korea I am not that picky about greens when I can get them.

This particular location was super strange. It didn't match the typical BHC company line decor...I'm keeping some opinions about what it may be to myself, but you can probably imagine if you've been in Korea before.

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