[Korea] Olive Young Hair Care Sale

Informational post again. I just wanted to let you know that Olive Young (CJ brand) is having a HUGE shampoo sale right now. 
I am writing this mainly to tell you about the sale, but also to recommend the Aromatica Korean hair care line for hair fall, hair thickening, and scalp care.
I also wanted to let you know what the "service" gift is this month at Olive Young.

With every change in season, the Seoul water corporation (Arisu) changes its chemical makeup. This is especially bad for me because it means that my hair starts to fall. It usually takes a while for my hair/scalp to get acclimated.

I was using the Aveda Ivanti line for a while, which I also 100% recommend, but it is just not cost efficient in Korea. Aveda is pretty expensive in the US, but is definitely more expensive in Korea...by a lot.

If you do go the Ivanti route, I recommend the Scalp Revitalizer combined with the Exfoliating Shampoo. However, if $150 for hair care is a little out of your price range, you should check out the Aromatica line.

In the past, after I ran out of the Ivanti Scalp Revitalizer, I tried out the Aromatica Rosemary Root Enhancer and it seemed to work just as well. After I finished the bottle, it was no longer on sale, so I decided to try another company's Scalp Cooling spray (I'll have to check what brand it is at home) and I realized that the Rosemary Root Enhancer was actually doing what it claimed to do!

The Root Enhancer does cool my scalp. I have also noticed that far fewer hairs fall out in the shower and throughout the day. Definitely, far fewer fall out in the shower. I was so worried for a while about the sheer amount of hairs that came out as I was showering.

I finally finished the bottle of the other stuff, so I went to Olive Young to replace my Rosemary supply. Luckily for me, it was on sale!

The whole line is, in fact.
I am now using the shampoo, conditioner, and root enhancer. However, I honestly think the conditioner may not be necessary.

Also, it's sulfate free and natural!

Root enhancer (7900 KRW) --> Originally 11,000 KRW
Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo (+ free FULL SIZE rosemary root enhancer) (15,300 KRW) --> Originally 17,000 + 11,000 = 28,000 KRW
Rosemary Hair Thickening Treatment Conditioner (12,600 KRW) --> Originally 14,000 KRW

The shampoo set is the BEST DEAL! I highly recommend it.

I also recommended this line to a friend and she has also had similarly good results!
She bought the shampoo (+ free root enhancer) set.

She reported that the product is really helping her scalp. It is helping to exfoliate the dead skin on her scalp and she has far fewer scabs on her scalp since she began using the product.

I haven't tried the Rosemary Scalp Cleansing Oil yet, but it is also on sale.

The Aromatica Tea Tree line is also on sale.

(The following links will bring you to the Amazon store, which is a better price, but they don't ship these items to Korea. And, for Korea, the Olive Young prices are VERY GOOD).

My other friend swears by the Shiseido Tsubaki brand (it's a Japanese brand).
The red line is for moisture.
The purple line is for volume.
The white line is for damage.

I have the red line's Tsubaki Hair Essence and I can tell you that it's really nice to apply to your hair throughout the day if you want your hair to look shinier.
It is currently 11,200 KRW (originally 16,000 KRW). (Not available on Amazon)

I haven't tried the Yves Rocher brand yet, but that is also on sale!

If you buy over 30,000 KRW at Olive Young (while supplies last), you also receive this sample set and free "service" gift.
You get a cloth 2017 calendar and some CNP Laboratory samples. I haven't tried the CNP samples yet, so I can't let you know what's good.

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