[Snack Attack - Korea] Chicken Nugget Snack 닭다리 너겟

Here's another convenience store post that falls in both the snack and Korean chicken categories.
This time, it's these fried chicken flavored chicken nuggets.

I bought them at CU for 1,500 KRW.
This same line of products also makes a version of chips/crackers that come in a little box (usually about 900 KRW). The crackers in the box are shaped like little chicken drumsticks and there are two flavors...one is fried chicken (red box) and one is grilled chicken (black box). The black box is my favorite flavor. These also make great small presents for coworkers, so I definitely recommend picking some up if you're in Korea on vacation!

I really like those, so I was excited to try these new Chicken Nugget snacks in a new shape. I think they may only come in the fried chicken flavor at this time, but maybe they'll get the grilled flavor soon.

I was expecting the nuggets to be only slightly larger than the drumsticks, but I was wrong. For all the American readers out there, the size is slightly bigger and puffier than a Totinos Pizza Roll or kind of like a doughnut hole-size. I was kind of thrown off guard when I opened the bag. I thought the wrong chips had somehow made their way into my bag.

This size made them a little hard to eat and quite a few of them were crushed, probably due to decreased structural integrity.

The flavor was about the same as the fried chicken flavor (red box), but, in my opinion, slightly less intense. Somehow, the flavor wasn't as "fried" as the box version. It is also semi-sweet, semi-salty.

I guess, I will personally stick with the box version. However, the bag has so many more crackers in it, so the choice is up to you!

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