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[Seoul - Ichon] Le Bunmie - disappointing Korean-style Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches

My friend and I met up at Le Bunmie in Ichon (line 4) for some bun mi.
She had been eyeing this Vietnamese restaurant for a while, so we had to visit!

We met around 8:30 PM, so there were no other customers, but this restaurant is pretty famous among Koreans. My friend said that whenever she walks past Le Bunmie, there's always a large crowd with a line, too.

I got the shrimp banh mi sandwich set meal (9,500 KRW). You can choose between a shrimp or pork sandwich. It also comes with a side of french fries (topped with honey butter) and a can of soda (Coke or Sprite).

The sandwich was kind of disappointing. I have yet to find a really good banh mi in Korea. This one was okay, but I thought it was way over-sauced, like wayyyyy too much sauce. I estimate about 60% of the sandwich was sauce.

My friend and I both agreed that the bread also left a lot to be desired. It was not crusty at all, you know how a good banh mi should be on a nice, crusty baguette? Since the point of banh mi is the BREAD?!?

This bread had more of a texture of a soggy white hamburger bun.

The little topping crumbs were nice, though, but would have been nice separately. I think adding crumbles to the top of banh mi is a Korean thing. I've never seen it anywhere else.

It was a messy sandwich, we both wish we had forks and a spoon.

This sandwich needs a good crusty baguette, And vegetables. Where are the carrots and other veggies? Where is the cilantro? I know Koreans hate it, but at least give the option of having cilantro if  they want to call it "Vietnamese" food.

We are considering going back for pho sometime, though, or else some of the noodles. There has to be a reason for the crowds!

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