[Seoul - Gangnam] Krispy Kreme Snoopy Wreath Doughnut

This is another seasonal post. I missed out on the cute Pokemon doughnuts at Krispy Kreme a few weeks/months ago.

For winter/Christmas, Krispy Kreme Korea introduced the Snoopy Wreath doughnut!

I was going to buy one myself last week with a friend, but we decided to go to McDonald's instead. My boss bought my office doughnuts on Friday, so I grabbed one for myself.

It's kind of just a normal glazed doughnut topped with some glossy green glitter icing.
The middle of the doughnut is filled with whipped cream and there's a white chocolate Snoopy token on top of the cream.

The flavor is really green glitter...there's not really any extra flavor. I actually was a little scared of the green glitter after I realized what it was, but, at that point, it was too late to put it back since I already touched it.

Not sure how much longer these will be available, but I think this guy is the only themed doughnut available at the moment.

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