Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea Bags (Olive Young)

It's winter and also winter cold season.
I have been fighting off some sort of bug for the past few weeks, so thanks to my friend's reminder I was off to buy some ginger tea at my lunch hour.

I was able to find a pretty large selection of Twinings (also available on Amazon) at this particular Olive Young (located right by Yangjae station). There were 10 flavors, I was kind of shocked.

The reason I'm writing this is because there's a sale right now on selected varieties of Twinings tea (4 varieties were on sale, but I can only remember three varieties at the moment), so it's a perfect time to stock up for your office or home.

I got this box of 25 of Lemon and Ginger for 6,300 KRW (originally 7,500 KRW), which is a pretty good deal! The Earl Grey and Peppermint were also on sale.

Honestly, it was a tough choice for me between Peppermint and Lemon & Ginger. Peppermint is nice and cooling, but Lemon and Ginger is warming. They are quite different!

I am used to drinking straight ginger tea, so this was a bit of a change for me. You can definitely taste the citrus, but it's not a hit you in the face citrus. The mild citrus flavor also makes the ginger flavor less spicy, which is good if you're like me and sometimes forget to take out your tea bag and then your tea gets far too spicy.

This is a far better deal, but I needed the tea in the moment and didn't want to wait for the shipment to arrive. Amazon has 6 boxes of 20 tea bags on sale in this package.

In searching, I actually found that if you buy just one single box on Lemon and Ginger on Amazon, there are 20 tea bags. I am not sure how mine has 25, maybe the packaging is different in Korea?

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