[Snack Attack - Korea] Snoopy Coffee Milk - My Favorite Milk in Korea

GS25 introduced a Snoopy line of milks sometime last year. This one is the coffee milk.

These days, I've been drinking it a lot.
The bad thing is that it's kind of a lot of milk, but I am currently training myself to drink milk, so it works well for my purposes.

The good thing is that this milk actually has coffee in it. It has 357 mg of caffeine, which is about the equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee, depending on the roast and type of bean.

It's not overly sweet like the Maeil brand is.

You can only buy it at GS25! Is has been on sale for the past few weeks for 1200 KRW per carton, but the original prices is 1500 KRW, I believe. I am not sure how long it'll be available at the 1200 KRW price.
The CU brand coffee milk is not as good, in my opinion.

The Snoopy milk line also comes in banana, chocolate, and strawberry flavors.

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