[Seoul Info] Sincheon Station changed to Jamsilsaenae Station

This is just an informational post! Sincheon Station (line 2) has changed to Jamsilsaenae Station (line 2). The name has changed, everything else is the same.

I don't take the subway that often these days, my office is in the same -gu as my house, so I can take the maeul (village) bus to work.

I do take the subway to tutoring and I transfer at Jamsil station. I only just noticed on Monday that the name of Sincheon station changed.

It was pretty recent because not all of the signs were changed, but the announcements that are made before the stops HAD changed.

If you are traveling to Jamsil (Jamshil) to go to Lotte World, perhaps, it's just something to keep in mind.

This week, the conductor has been announcing the name change every time I took the train, just because it's so new!

I think they changed the name because people kept getting confused between Sinchon and Sincheon stations, which are on the actual direct opposites of Seoul. Sinchon being the station up northwest by Yonsei and Sincheon station being in the southeast by Jamsil.

However, now there are THREE stations in a row that have Jamsil as the first two syllables of the station name, which could make it more confusing for travelers who are not used to taking the route and are looking for one of the stations specifically.

From Gangnam side, the green line (line 2) stations are now Sports Complex --> Jamsilsaenae --> Jamsil --> Jamsilnaru --> Gangbyeon
From Wangshimni side, the green line (line 2) stations are now Gangbyeon--> Jamsilnaru --> Jamsil --> Jamsilsaenae --> Sports Complex

I am not sure if the announcements on the bus have changed, but if you want to alight at Sincheon Station, you might need to listen for Jamsilsaenae station now.

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